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August 04 2006

Adam Baldwin Auctions "Firefly" Pilot Script On eBay. He's putting all 14 of his shooting scripts (signed by the cast and crew) up for auction over the next four months. It's to help raise funds for the Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation which provides financial aid for disabled kids of Marines.

...and I have to ask this, as it's been a theory of mine I've never had confirmed, but the draft dates support it: were 'Trash' and 'The Message' always intended to air after Objects in Space? We all know they were filmed that way but are presented "as the filmmakers intended" on the DVD. However, between the script dates and some continuity bits (Jayne's calling River a "mind-readin' genius" in 'The Message,' for one), I find myself thinking otherwise.

Oh well, I've just wanted to bring it up since June of '04, and now I find the opportunity. Cheers.
Aww man...those are collector's items and I would have kept them...I think they should go into the Smithsonian someday! There'll be a Film history museum.
Changed link to the permanent one. Edited subject line to mentioned why he's putting the scrips up for sale. We don't usually link to eBay stuff but this is for a good cause.
The running order on the DVDs was obviously swapped around a bit. Also, whilst Fox did some reordering of the episodes (chiefly, the pilot), it was Tim and friends who moved episodes forward and around (and rightly so) on airing.
Thanks for posting about these. Adam only wanted to give up his scripts if they would go specifically for this charity. It shows just how nice a guy he is that he is willing to give them up, but only for charity. We are going to be auctioning them off 1 per week (starting on Wednesdays and ending on Saturdays).

The Train Job script is up right now also.

To view all of our auctions at once go here

To see the planned auction dates go here

We also got some items donated while at Comic-Con. So you can expect to see more items on eBay to benefit MC-LEF. We have signed items from Brian K. Vaughan, John Cassaday, Greg Pak plus a few surprises.

ETA: I see Simon already changed the link, thanks!

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This is a very worthy place to spend your dollars. Organizations like the MC-LEF assist the kids who might otherwise fall through the cracks, those who have needs not covered by insurance or other social services.

I know from past experience through my involvement with an organization that did the same with hearing aids, that it makes a huge difference.

Kudos to Adam - and to everyone involved.
Oops, didn't know it was for charity. Though I figured that was what it was.
Now I know why that man is so big. To contain that huge heart. In this day when most actors are pointing fingers and bobbling heads, it's good to see one that cares.

Bless you heart, Adam.
Wow. A day left and already up to $1000 on just Serenity? They're gonna raise a boatload of money.
This is really good. That's all.
First script is at $2,056 with nine hours to go. Second script is at $449.

Hope there are many more with deep pockets to bid on the remaining scripts.
Shiny. Of course it was be amazing to get one of these but unfortunately the bids are way out of my budget. But good luck, I hope that they make loads of money for charity and are bought by Firefly fans who will appreciate them.
Holy crap! Three grand? That's amazing. It is one of the ultimate collector's items I've ever seen. Good for Adam for doing this and I hope it does a lot of good for those kids.
$3650 final bid amount. Unbelievable!!!!!

Keep spreading the word, 13 more to go :)

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