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August 05 2006

Buffy at 60-years old? She looks good! A featured entry in the "Fountain of Age 8" Photoshop contest. A related contest has been previously discussed here.

I tried to come up with a clever "Will you still slay me, when I'm 64" filk based on the Beatles song, but I just couldn't make it work.

Yeah, that's a pretty good photoshop job. Skin should be sagging a bit more though.

Sorry. Sometimes I overanalyse things.
I don't think even at 64 that Gellar's teeth would look like that! Not in hollywood.
Woah that's kinda creepy. I'd say she looks older than in her 60s though ... maybe late 70s
I was thinking the same thing, jynnatonnyx. That's a very old 60s.

[ edited by jfhlbuffy on 2006-08-05 11:24 ]
More like 80 yeah.
I'm officially scared. But, yep, very much older than 60-something.
I'd say 90 at least and I think Sarah wouldn't get quite such a wattle as that.
I'd only expect that many wrinkles from someone who had spent the previous 40 years baking in the sun everyday and smoking 2 packs a day.
I'm sorry but in today's world I don't think that is a realistic look at Buffy at 60. Remember folks, 6o is the new 50, 50 the new 40, and 40 the new 30 and so on.
Now thats just creepy, lol
My 96 year old grandmother was not that wrinkled when she passed.
My 82 year old mother doesn't have half that many wrinkles.
Photoshop: A
Laughs: B
Knowledge of SMG lifestyle & physiology, and SoCal cosmetic surgery availability: F

(This must have been created by someone fairly young -- Iím only nine years shy of 60, and Iíve only got some crowís feet and laughlines -- and I ainít even trying. Sarah will look way younger than this at 60, more like this.)

It is funny -- if youíre not SMG.
I would die if someone did that to my picture...creepy
Without plastic surgery, I'd say it's pretty dead on. My grandma's 65 and she looks pretty much exactly like that. True, though, that everyone ages differently.
I think anyone who lives fairly healthy -- and it seems that she does, and even more so than most of America I'd say, she'd look so much better than that, even without plastic surgery. It's not a realistic look at SMG at 60.
Considering the photos of her mother and how much genetics play into this as well as environmental effects, that would be more likely SMG at 90 than 60. Jeez, my grandmother who is almost 90 looks better than that.
Oh, this had me laughing! What SMG is that? One that spent the previous 30 years drinking a gallon of rotgut a day, had a three-pack-a-day habit, lived naked on a shadeless desert island?
lived naked on a shadeless desert island?

She looks more like 80 (or older, really), not 60. I work with a lot of people in their 60s, regular people who've led regular lives without trainers, plastic surgery or special skin products, etc . . . and none of them look anyhwere near this wrinkly (exception: some of the farmers around here who spend all their time in the sun).

It's a well done pic, though. Just not 60ish.
First off - would she wear that horrible hair do as a 60 y old? Also, she looks like a really hot 85 year old.

I have envisioned a TV movie about a sixty year old Buffy. Imagine a vampire going into an alley to kill a couple of teenagers. Suddenly he is interrupted by a nicely dressed old lady who says: "Hi! I'm Buffy, the vampire slayer."

Now that there are many slayers she might actually live that long. It also makes you think about what actresses could be up for the part. :-) But I digress.
I think an old Buffy could work. Maybe in the Dark Knight Returns mold where we see the world gone to rack and ruin so she decides to come out of retirement for one last run. Could be cool.

I agree she looks older than 60 but it's a pretty good job of aging her to say 75 ish.
This isn't a great photo by any means ...but in 2001, Anne Bancroft was 69, and she looked FANTASTIC.

Photo from Heartbreakers (2001)

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