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August 05 2006

(SPOILER) Eliza Dushku Not Joining "Lost". Ausiello has revealed who's been newly cast in Season 3 of Lost, and it isn't Eliza Dushku as many had guessed.

Oooh! There's some stuff on Gina Torres there as well - about her new show Standoff

"Occasionally, I miss the spaceship," Torres says of Firefly. "But not that often. [At least] I still have a gun."

ETA: Okay, so there are loads of Joss verse players mentioned. Marti Noxon's new show is mentioned, as is Daybreak - but no mention of Adam Baldwin :( - but the pilot was well received. Wentworth Miller and Melinda Clarke are mentioned ... I'm sure there are more

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What a disappointment, I was really hoping for Eliza.
Darn, that would have been so cool! Eliza would be awesome on Lost!
Eliza would have been amazing on Lost, and it probably would have gave her a lot more exposure. However I think her career still seems to be doing well, so it's not a massive loss. If she had have joined Lost, they definitely should have made her character very different from Faith, I think Ana Lucia was definitely quite like Faith so Lost doesn't need another character like that.
Eliza is great, but Lost isn't the show for her... I didn't even think Ana Lucia fit... they're larger than life sexy, they don't fit in a world populated by Hurleys and Charlies. Kate fits somehow, but I like the fact that for the most part the island is populated by the less attractive types.
for the most part...
I think I must have been watching a different show.

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