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August 05 2006

First look at Diamond Select's new deluxe Buffy figures at Wizard World Chicago. There's some really good Willow action figures and some perfectly hideous ones of Giles and Faith. The Kendra figure leaves a lot to be desired.

Wow, that was Faith and Giles? I thought I was looking at Leonardo DiCaprio and Joyce in Faith's outfit. White Willow was nicely sculpted, though.
The Kennedy one isn't great either.
These have appeared before, at Wizard World Philadelphia and SDCC, and some of the Faith figures (and I think Band Candy Giles) looked better in the Philadelphia shots. (The SDCC gallery also includes the Villains Willow bust.)
The Halloween Willow one is adorable! I thought they did a really nice job with the other Willows too! One of the Faith's looked pretty good, if a little overdone with the lips but the others were hideous. I don't see Giles' resemblance in any of those figures. Kendra kind of looks like her but Kennedy, again, I don't see the resemblance at all.
You can almost see the scenes in your head, though, from which they clearly pulled the look. Like the 'Enemies' Faith looks like they captured the expression/smile on her face when she was in the mayor's office smiling at Angel (does anyone else remember this crazy stuff besides me?). Kennedy's is like that, too, almost episode-specific. The problem is that those weren't the overriding expressions on these actors' faces.

The Willow ones are all good, however, especially the 'Chosen' sculpt. Verrrry good work on that one. And I loved the Glory one.
Alas! I have the Sunnydale Library playset and I really want a Giles to go with it but it won't be one of these. Band Candy Giles is closest to right but not close enough.
And what is with those bodies? Willow's? Kennedy's? The Willow faces are quite good but the bodies are just weird to me.
They're in the Deluxe line of superposeable figures, which means obvious articulation, notably ball joints at the hips and on bare shoulders. Faith and Giles are in the standard line, with less articulation and more sculptural body parts.
Red Dress Glory is MINE!
Band Candy Giles is very good, as is the last Faith figure in black. The Willow figures are amazing, possibly some of the best facial sculpts of any of the buffy lines.
All of the Faiths look horrendous. Enemies Faith is just completely wrong. Band Candy Giles look pretty good, although he looks a little too much like he's in heroin withdrawal. Kennedy has a passing resemblance, but just barely.

Chosen Willow looks great. Although the eyes seem ... I dunno, soulless. Very weird vacant expression. I'm assuming White Willow is a variant (or whatever they're called, I'm not hip to the action figure lingo; the rarer version of a figure they include one to a case). I never cared for White Willow in the show (Alyson Hannigan was too pale to pull off the white hair), but she looks good there.
Yes, the white haired Willow will be produced in smaller quantities. But the red haired one in the very same outfit will be easy to get.
Strange... I don't remember Kennedy having Down Syndrome, does anyone else?
I am so dissapointed with these Giles figures. I really wanted him to look as good as possible, and yet we end up with a figure that. well, frankly could be based on anyone.

DST seem so hit and miss these days with this line, and those Giles figures are definitely a 'miss' in my opinion.
Craig Oxbrow - thanks for the additional links. After looking at them I believe the Angel Sancuary Faith is the best Faith I have seen so far. It is the first one I would consider buying, up til now all the other Faiths just really don't look like her.

Why is it so hard to do a good Giles? Even Sideshow (which tends to do good likenesses) can't seem to get Giles.
I find it pretty strange that they chose to do a Kennedy figure, given that a lot of fans hate her. She's the kind of figure I can imagine them doing after they had exhausted a lot of other options. It would be much better to do ones that more people want, such as Gunn, the Troika, The Mayor, Adam... characters that are either beloved by fans, or would make an awesome figure, Adam being an example.

I think the "Faith, Hope and Trick" figure looks pretty weird. The season seven one looks okay, though. "Halloween" and Vampire Willow both look quite good. I don't really see any resemblance in the Giles figures, they look quite generic, although again the Fyarl demon version suggests that it seems to be easier to make accurate figures of demons or monsters rather than humans, for some reason. For a second when I saw Kennedy I thought it was meant to be Fred, then I realised and there is a vague similarity, and "Chosen" Willow has quite a good likeness. I think both "Chosen" Willow and Kennedy look quite strange, though, they look like Superman because the construction of the figure makes it look like they are wearing underwear over their clothing.
Thank you Passion

I feel the same way about our favorite librarian. The Sideshow one was a big disappointment too.
Hells yes! I just noticed the Feigenbaum plush. Awesome. He's the master of chaos after all, he deserves replicas.
Passion, I think Sideshow's Giles looks really good. Try looking at the 360 turn-around video they have of him and the photo without the glasses. The glasses seem to be what's throwing him off a bit because they are too thick and he looks a bit too wrinkly. Also, there is still room for improvement on him as he is still in the "pending approval" stage.
*shakes head*

For the life of me I still can't imagine who actually would've ever thought that those ball-joints were a good idea. They make the figures ugly, oddly shaped, and as far as I'm concerned, uncollectable. Just look at Kendra! Unbelievable.

I do need Glory, though. Thank goodness they didn't give her ball-joints. I also think White Willow's face sculpt is the best I've seen.
Those look great. WOW.
Willowy, that's because it's really robot Kendra.

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