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August 05 2006

Joss Whedon at SDCC 2006. Josh & Ron of present their 31-minute ComicCon coverage, including a brief talk with Joss. presents their video of their San Diego Comic Con 2006 sojourn, including interviews with Joss Whedon, Bryan Singer, Paul Dini, Greg Rucka and others. Joss is about 8:50 into the video. It’s offered in numerous formats (and also available at youtube.)

Interviewed the day before his Marvel signing, Joss is caught up with while walking around as a fanboy himself, and while there’s no hot Goners or Wonder Woman flashes, he does report that none of his fans have bitten him yet – which is good news for all of us.

”Some of the fairies and dragons leave me a little bit behind... and some of the pornography -- some of the pornography...” -- Joss

Joss makes his appearance 8:52 into the video, and his appearance is brief.
Fun fun fun.

But...all this talk about Naruto...
I can't believe Naruto is so popular. I've seen the first episode. It was almost as bad as "Yu-Gi-Oh!". The dialogue was 99% exposition, and the characters were flatter than the animation cels they're drawn on.
Naruto's a good show. Not to show my "how to be a nerd" skills, but the american dubbing for the show is awful! You can catch episode 1 through 195 on currently, and it's best if you stay away from the dubbed versions. All others will have english subtitles but you'll notice the difference right away.
I haven't seen the English dub. I saw it in Japanese with English subtitles. It was rubbish. Overrated garbage.

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