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August 06 2006

Angels and Darlas. Downloadable MP3 taken from the vampire concept album "Impeccable Blahs" by the lo-fi indie band 'Say Hi To Your Mom'.

Cheers to Stefan for the heads up. I like the song, it reminds me of my mid 90s obscure American indie music buying days.

I liked it too, Simon. Sounds like somebody's Mom watched a few Buffyverse episodes.

It's nice to see that the Whedon experience is having a creative influence on the next generation :)
The bio page on Say Hi to Your Mom's website is very entertaining as well.
"You should start from the beginning, but ignore the prequels."

Sage advice ;)
Thanks for this! I actually like the music. Never heard of them before.
The soundtrack for Season 8!
I didn't analyze the lyrics for any Buffyverse connections, but I quite liked the song.

And that bunch sure knows how to name things.

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