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August 06 2006

J. August Richards on tonight's "The 4400." He's listed in tonight's credits for the episode "The Starzl Mutation."

Woo-hoo! First post!
We're sitting here watching 4400, and there he was! I was like, "I don't remember reading about this on Whedonesque... I wonder if anybody's posted it yet?" Yay for Whedon Peeps sightings. :)
Yaay! All expenses paid vacation to Vancouver, BC for J. Aug.
I hope he had fun and visited Hon's chinese. I love that place.
Awesome! I'm watching it on DVR as soon as 'Entourage' is over.
Mods: there are two threads about this. Can they be combined?

J. was terrific, but on it all too briefly.

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It'll be great see J. on TV again! And anyway, the show itself is good too. First Summer and now J. Yay! :D
It seems the producers are Joss fans. They talked about Firefly (well Summer was in the ep) and mentioned Buffy and Angel in last weeks podcast commentary.
It was SO nice to see J. again! Here's hoping he gets some lengthier roles in the near future! :-)
Yes! I saw this. It was good to see him - he looked great and did a nice job. The whole "I've been enhanced" story line must have been old hat for him, given Gunn's story. :-)

I wish we were seeing a lot more of the Buffy and Angel regulars.
There was more exciting Whedonverse news last night! Last night's ep of Deadwood (Amateur Night, which will rerun all week on HBO plus HBO On Demand) was co-written by Zack Whedon. Isn't that Joss' brother??

If the Whedonverse now officially includes Deadwood -- that totally *rocks*! ;-)
They would have to be Buffy fans. They hired Doug Petrie a Buffy writer to write an episode last year ( a really good episode). I have this one on DVR. Will see it tonight. Maybe they will bring back the character?
Seth Green was on last nights Entourage as well.
The 4400 is full of folks with genre history: Summer, of course, and the good Mr. Richards, as well as Jeffrey Combs (Star Trek), Kavan Smith (Stargate Atlantis), Andrew Airlie (Stargate SG1), Billy Campbell (The Rocketeer, Star Trek: TNG), Alice Krige (Star Trek: First Contact), Samantha Ferris (Stargate SG1), Keegan Conor Tracy (Jake 2.0), Roger Cross (Andromeda, First Wave, 24), and others.
Krad- I was thinking about that last night: I bet there's a smaller pool of readily available television actors than anyone thinks. J. August Richards, Summer Glau, Jeffrey Coombs, they're all TV actors who haven't had major work in a number of months (Enterprise is a year gone norw, Conviction I think was cancelled, "Mammoth" aired three months ago, so it must've filmed like nine months ago). Considering producers probably want actors with some experience in a genre (while all acting is fiction and recquires imagination to fill a role, I feel like acting in sci-fi/fantasy recquires a further leap of imagination), and you wind up with the same relatively small group constantly showing up as cameos on other shows while they wait for steadier work. Morena Baccarin did a bunch of episodes of Justice League, then went to the OC for a little while, and now she's got a steady role on SG-1. I really feel like producer's just have a list of potential cameo actors, and they right their smaller characters to suit the available talent.

PS. The legacy of J. August Richards: on the verge of death at the end of Angel, entire series dies on Conviction, dies on the 4400. Bummer.
Some of the people I listed above are also Vancouver-based actors who tend to show up a lot on shows that film there: The 4400, Monk, Psych, Battlestar Galactica, Highlander, Andromeda, Eureka, The Outer Limits, First Wave, The Dead Zone, Jeremiah, The X-Files, Saved, both Stargates, and lots more. (Plus a lot of them can be seen on DaVinci's Inquest, a Canadian show that actually takes place in Vancouver.)

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