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August 07 2006

"Ballad of Serenity" appears in an story in this morning's "Morning Edition" on NPR. In an piece on tabulature, two interviewees are heard learning how to play "Ballad of Serenity" from Tabulature.

A brief portion from the beginning a news story on tabulature and the MPA's attempts to shut down tabulature sites, begins a guitar student meeting with his teacher at his apartment, and learning how to play "Ballad of Serenity" using tabulature. (Note: Audio for this story is not online at this time, and will not be online until 10:00 AM Eastern Time. However, Morning Edition is currently being aired on your local NPR Affiliate, such as OPB Radio

Ha! Beat me to it, Count_Zero. Hearing Serenity on my radio really woke me out of my normal zombie stupor this morning.
Yes, just heard this! But how frustrating that they didn't identify the title of the song (not to mention Firefly).
I also thought that was strange, quetzal, but I loved hearing it! I did stop over to and send them a quick e-mail regarding this.

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I can't believe I missed it!! I'm always listening to NPR on the way to work. I wish I'd heard it, as it took lots and lots of caffeine to shock me out of *my* zombie stupor this morning.

Off to listen to it right now.
Update: I've just sent an e-mail off to NPR, thanking them for the story and taking them to task about not identifying the song in the story or on their Web site. So hopefully they will put a credit on the story on their Web site.

Also, the more of us that write in, the more likely it is that one of our e-mails might end up in their "listener mail" section on Thursday.
Listening to the piece happens one click quicker using this link:
Just don't go assaulting NPR Fanboy style, their piece was about finding guitar tabs on internet communities, and... ours is the nicest... NPR is a radio station for grown ups so make sure to behave as such when writing to them - unlike past situations where fans have expressed their feelings to various internet sites.
Well hells yeah! My wife gives me no end of crap for listening to NPR, but once in awhile even SHE has to admit that it's kinda cool. I love my "grown up" radio.
Good point, Manos. Though Browncoats are pretty good with the well-reasoned, measured comments, it's always good to get a reminder not to go too fanboy if it can be helped.

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