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August 07 2006

AfterElton's Exclusive Review of ASH's "Him and Us". This gay media news site has the exclusive lowdown and review of Anthony Stewart Head's apparently excellent pilot for ABC.

I was really looking forward to this.

Looking forward? Doesn't it seem like this project has little chance of ever seeing the light of day?
I think your probably right.

And I, too, was really looking forward to this. *kicks stupid TV execs*
That would have been such a cool show. This whole thing boils down to fear and the political climate in our country right now. I won't diss Will and Grace, but that show has hardly done anything substantive because its [insert air-finger quotes] safe and tame. Him and Us would probably have been subversive on a really instructive level and I'm pissed that it won't be produced. And really, this applies to the sentiment in the article about Buffy/Spike and sex/violence on television as well, using Buffy "... as a prime example to illustrate her point that TV should be more responsible in telling stories about dark and unhealthy relationships." It's shocking how much has changed and what JW was able to achieve in his shows. Did the Execs not realize that he was exploring humanity in all its outrageousness and deeper levels?

If I want pablum, I'll watch Everybody Loves Raymond (sorry, not knocking you Peter Boyle or Doris Roberts) or its like-minded ilk. As it is, there is nothing currently on television that goes anywhere near the territory Buffy, Angel, or Firefly have, and we are poorer for it (but rich in our DVDs of the aforementioned). It's too bad Him and Us won't be given the chance to open people's minds and entertain us at the same time.

Sorry, Tony Head. I would have loved to see you once more on a regular basis.

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I think this may have been good -- or it might have been terrible. Because Tony Head is in it, I'd say it was probably good, but it really didn't have much of a chance on network television. HBO or Showtime perhaps, but not network television.
Aw, damn. I would love to see what ASH would have done with this role. Oh, well. Must make room for "Who Can Dance" or whatever that latest drivel is.
Well if the Aquaman pilot can end up for sale on iTunes, why can't this?
Good question...or maybe YouTube. But I think this sitcom woud have had a better chance at Showtime or HBO. I would have also tweaked Kim's character, having her admit that without all the stress of handling Max's career, she wouldn't have much left. It would have been interesting seeing Ki as a frazzled manager rather than that sexually confident PR gal on "Sex and the City."
I'd heard the Aquaman pilot was available but I didn't realise it was for sale. Bit bloody cheeky that I reckon (giving it away's one thing but selling a failed pilot feels like a piss-take).

Shame about 'Him and Us', more details have made it sound more interesting (originally the premise didn't do much for me) but I can't say i'm amazed. From what I gather US network TV just isn't ready for this yet (going by the kerfuffle over Janet Jackson's boob anyway).
I'm still waiting on the pun. Did I miss it?
Oh I would have loved to have seen Tony Head in this role! I wonder if there is any chance that HBO would pick it up (it sounds like their kind of show)?
I hope the pilot makes it onto the internet, I really want to see it!
If the series really does see light of day, I want a "Ripper" joke!

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