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August 08 2006

Cover art for the 'Voodoo Moon' R1 DVD. The horror movie starring Charisma Carpenter is scheduled for release in the States on October 3rd.

Did anyone watch it when it was on the Sci Fi channel? Was it any good? Or is it strictly for Buffy completists only?

October 3rd, Veronica Mars Season Three premiere :D (Had to bring that up)

Cover looks lame in my opinion, but never saw the film as I don't like in the States.
I love the fact somebody says it is "worse than Charmed" in the comments. That's a DVD tagline if ever I saw one.
Heh, but is it worse than 'Charmed' with Shannon Doherty ? Inquiring minds etc. If it was watch that or 'poke in the eye with a sharp stick' I may need to toss a coin (and hope it landed on its edge).

That's a pretty poor cover, IMO, and I won't be seeking this one out. If it comes on and I happen to be looking in the direction of the TV then I won't run away screaming (cos it is Charisma Carpenter after all) but most of Sci-fi's original film output has been woeful and this looks no different.
I like the top half of the cover. The eye ball in the crow works quite well for me.
I actually saw that it was on and was watching bits and pieces of it. It looked about as good as anything sci-fi channel presents churns out... which is to say it didn't look very good at all.

I like the top half of the cover. The eye ball in the crow works quite well for me.

I detect extreme sarcasm.
Hand on heart. I wasn't being sarcastic.
It looks like a typically cheesy cover for a Made for TV movie. Do they not put forth any effort into these anymore?
That cover looks like mediocre fan art.

Sci-Fi really loves Charisma, so the writers all chipped in $50 to make a movie starring her running around, bouncing and screaming.

Oscar! Oscar!
At least the website is halfway decent looking. The main page would've made a better cover than this one.
I like the top half of the cover. The eye ball in the crow works quite well for me.

I concur with Simon. Neat imagery there. I wouldn't watch the movie on a bet, though. Poor Dee Wallace-Stone and Jeffrey Combs. [Fondly remembers how good The Howling and Re-Animator were]

Last year I came upon a movie playing at Sci-Fi (no idea if they produced it or not) called Sabretooth that had some of the most laughable special effects I've ever seen. It did star a pre (?)-Lost actor by the name of Josh Holloway. I just focused on looking at him and tried to tune the rest of it out.

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I noticed that this was on Sci-Fi back to back with Wicked Prayer and I threw up a little bit in my mouth.
I think I am in love with zeitgeist now.
Cool, you're also a people-throwing-up-in-their-mouth fetishist enthusiast ? I thought I was my friend was some random person I sort of vaguely met one time was alone.
This show was very very very very very very bad on Sci Fi.
But sometimes SciFi actually puts out a very good show, so I keep watching every saturday.
But this one was no Mammoth
That cover looks like mediocre fan art.

So... where is the Llama?
The llama is just an object in space.
gossi - you weren't already? Oh, snap!

Saje - Indeed, sir, indeed.
It was awful. Seriously.

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