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August 08 2006

(SPOILER) Preview of Upcoming Comics From IDW. Additional preview pages from the upcoming series Angel: Masks and Angel: Auld Lang Syne from IDW.

Angel: Masks contains four stories:
I) Angel Puppet on a Mystery Date
2) Illyria in Unacceptable Losses
3) Cordelia in Foreshadowing
4) Lindsey (not Lenny) in Pencils & Paperclips

Angel: Auld Lang Syne is an Angel/Spike miniseries. See Chris Ryall's comments on this miniseries.

Angel: Masks looks very promising. I'm really glad to see one of the stories is about Illyria. Although I don't like David Messina's way of drawing her; those blue lightning bolts on her forehead bother me. And I love the art style in Foreshadowing.

So Pencils and Paperclips is about Lindsey? Because no one in those preview pages, you know, looks like Lindsey.
I second the love for the art in Foreshadowing, a really interesting syle that's somewhat unique from the rest of tha Angel comics.
Both these offerings look pretty good. So far I have ben very pleased with the comics that IDW has done for Spike and Angel and I hope they continue to do well. I am really looking forward to the Asylum series and hope that there will be more solo Spike, as well as Spike and Angel team series in the future.
The puppet Angel story looks like it could be great, and I really like the art in Foreshadowing, it's amazing.
I love the artwork in,"Foreshadowing."
I think that Scott Tiptons dialogue for both Spike and Angel, in Spike : Lost and Found was really very good, so Auld Lang Syne should be special. Masks looks good, as well. Interesting mix of stories.

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