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August 09 2006

Giles' jacket up for auction at Tony Head's official website. It was worn in the Buffy season 5 episode 'Family' and proceeds will go to benefit the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust.

Cheers to Anna for the heads up.

Way to go Anothony! Your the first celebrity really do their part to end the oppression of horses and donkeys everywhere.

But seriously. I appreciate it when people support less-known charities. Amnesty, Red Cross and Greenpeace can't have all our money.
What a great charity! I only wish I had the funds to bid (what's 200 pounds in American, $400.00? Never could remember the exchange rate).
The runner up will get a gift...but you're not out money if you're the runner up, right? Because you didn't win, therefore you don't pay...

Maybe I'll wait until the last minute and then bid 1 penny under the highest bid! Or maybe I'm not understanding the system.
Wow, Giles was rockin' the BCBG! And who said librarians didn't have taste? Librarian chic!
I love the picture of him beaming, signed

"This is me wearing the jacket!"

Tony Head makes me laugh. I visited he and his wife's farm last year. They weren't there, but I poked around a bit.

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