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August 09 2006

(SPOILER) Trailer for Sarah Michelle Gellar's new movie 'The Return'. Looks good. This supernatural chiller is scheduled for release on November 10th.

It has the air of a Silent Hill game about it, which can only be a very good thing.

It certainly looks very creepy, which means I'm there. Also, I think SMG has always been very good at acting scared, which can only help the movie.
Eek, it definitely isn't my type of film. For most of 'The Grudge', I was on the floor of the cinema, trying to tear my eyes away from the screen. And I was told that that was a mild horror movie.

However, since it stars SMG and fellow Aussie Peter O'Brien, I'm basically forced to see it. Wonderful. I'm not into Sarah Michelle's obvious affiliation with the horror genre. I saw 'Scream 2' when I was 11 and had nightmares for weeks.
buffy_kitten: From the accounts of those who've seen test screenings of the film etc, this really isn't what most would regard as a horror. They've played up on the more horror-like elements of the film for promotional purposes which is understandable since they have two minutes to grab attention, but I don't think it's necessarily particularly representative.

I'm really looking forward to this one.

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I think I laughed through most of The Grudge. But, you know, children! cat! children! cat! Well, it's funny to me. My mummy always told me I'm special.
I don't know. With SMG's obvious range - given a chance - it might be an idea to stay AWAY from genre. Obviously, if you get a strong script who gives a DAMN what genre it is, but it seems lately she's been playing a lot of role to which Buffy, as a role, was meant to be the antithesis. Obviously, she's still trying to establish her self as a leading actress, but give her something to WORK with, for Bob's sake.
Given the director and that SMG is involved, I've got hopes that this is going to be genuinely interesting.

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I don't think you can say it's a return to genre Kentonist.It was filmed in Feb-April 2005 ahead of all the movies she has done just wasn't released till now
I really enjoyed The Grudge, I thought it was the best horror movie I've seen in a wee while. It was understated, which makes a hell of difference in my book. Looking forward to seeing this one.
I really hope this trailer and one for Grudge 2 (you know even though she's only in it briefly, they'll feature her in the trailer) never run concurrently on the same screen, because audiences are going to think very little of Geller.
narky: I don't think that's the case. Regardless of what kind of movies they are, both trailers look rather good IMO. Plus what we do see of Sarah in both trailers has her doing a good job from what I can tell.
That's true (just watched the Grudge 2 trailer, stupid me, had no idea it was so close to release). But no matter how good the trailers both look, I can't help but emit a groan. And that's from a fan. So I can just imagine what my non-apologetic friends would say.
Not sorry that's for sure.

I think this looks OK and there's maybe not as big a stygma against genre movies at it may seem. I don't think any less of Hugh Jackman for being in 'Van Helsing' for instance (I just remind myself that film is a collaborative medium. A lot ;) since he was good in it even if the film was, IMO, pretty poor.
This trailer was decent -- but I think it was somewhat similar to the Grudge premise, (the whole terror/grudge lives on). I thought the Grudge was okay, certainly not the best horror movie I've seen, but much creepier than The Ring in that it gave you more to see.
I think it looks okay, and kind of reminiscent of "The Grudge". I thought Grudge was okay, but not amazing. As Simon said, it was kind of understated, but overall I felt it was kind of lacklustre in almost every respect. The characters weren't very well developed so it didn't give Sarah much to work with, instead simply reacting to everything that happened to her.

The plot didn't entirely make sense, because I think I can remember that there were people who didn't actually enter the house who were attacked by the curse. I thought the idea of "okay, there's this house where someone died in a horrible rage, and anyone who goes into that house will be affected by this curse" was a simple but effective one. However, I don't think they stuck entirely to it.

As for it's scariness, there were a few genuinely unexpected and kind of frightening moments. But, like Gossi, I also found ot hard to be scared by a little boy and a cat. And some moments were completely unexpected but made me laugh at their ridiculousness, like the lady who, instead of attempting to run or fight, hides in bed and just kind of disappears when the ghostly lady attacks her.

Overall I did think it was better than a lot of films, and was quite good for Sarah's career, but I would have enjoyed it a lot more if Sarah's character had been more interesting and developed so we actually cared what happened to her.

The Return looks like it has the potential to be more intriguing. From the trailer it definitely seems like the character has a more developed history and hopefully there will be more psychological exploration and gripping drama.
It looks creepy. I can't wait.
I'm not a horrow movie fan, but I saw The Grudge for the sake of supporting Sarah. Still, I didn't think it was very good. Lots of walking through halls, squeaky floors and pregnant pauses before something jumped out of a closet. But like I said, I'm not a horror movie fan.
Just from the trailer, it looks like The Return is going to demand more of Sarah Michelle's acting skills than The Grudge did. I think she's Mademoiselle Le Subtext. Who else can make a casual, throwaway line about having to make a sales trip to gain a promotion suggest that there is some great psychological/emotional/character-ological issue that she is not dealing with? One of the strengths she brought to Buffy was her ability to convey the contradictory attitudes of (1) I want with all my heart not to fulfill my destined role as The Slayer at all and (2) I want with all my heart fulfill my destined role as The Slayer. And she makes it look like she's not acting!
I can't view it on the site.
It seems to have disappeared from the site for the moment

Downloaded here

Copy and Paste

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Well, for a psychological thriller, it sure is doing a great impression of a creepy horror flick. And the written titles (or whatever you call those words that flash up in between the action) are very reminiscent of The Grudge (which I did enjoy). The jaggedy editing and random screechiness of the trailer does little for me, I'm afraid, but I'll certainly be seeing it anyway.
I don't know what the production budget for 'The Return' was but I would assume it was comparatively small. Realistically, unless the film is something exceptional, it is unlikely to receive universal good reviews. Here in Britain, for example, I cannot imagine that film critics like Peter Bradshaw, Cosmo Landesman and Mark Kermode would look upon a film like this favourably. They might be professional reviewers but, no matter what is claimed to the contrary, they bring their own prejudges and preferences with them, just like the rest of us. With all the best will in the world, I don't think this film is going to be exceptional, even though I like SMG, was very impressed by 'The Warrior', a previous film made by director Asif Kapadia, and very much continue to look forward to seeing the film in January.

Rogue Pictures will be well aware of the box office success of 'The Grudge', a film that surely exceeded all expectations in that regard. They will also be aware of the box office gross of films like 'The Skeleton Key' and 'Boogeyman'. Gellar does bring a fanbase with her and "horror" films (I use the term loosely) have a built-in audience that is largely impervious to reviews. On that basis, I can see where they are coming from with this trailer. I assume they expect the bulk of Gellar's fanbase to turn out anyway and they are targeting the general audience for this type of film. I don't for one moment think it will do the same kind of business as 'The Grudge' but I am sure Rogue Pictures will be looking to make a return on their investment.

I might be wrong, but I do believe the film was re-edited following early test screenings. Kapadia had created something quite slow moving and atmospheric with large chunks of wordless scenes of Gellar driving through the desert landscape. That sounds pretty good to me but something tells me the finished product will have been "tightened up" to give it more appeal to its targeted audience (which probably doesn’t include old farts like me).
Not sure what you mean by 'film like this' dashboardprophet, do you mean horror films ? Because Mark Kermode is quite a horror buff and, as an example, both he and Bradshaw were quite favourable towards Brit cave terror pic 'The Descent' (and i'll add that now it has a US release, any Yank horror fans should absolutely check 'The Descent' out, scariest film i've seen in ages).

Kermode was also pretty glowing about 'Serenity' so he at least doesn't exhibit genre bias (don't read Peter Bradshaw all that much).

(and given that Jonathan Ross is also a bit of a genre buff i'd say the film has a pretty good chance of being fairly reviewed over here though obviously that's no guarantee it'll be any good)

From a CV perspective, BTW, horror isn't that bad a choice since they tend to be pretty cheap to make and, therefore, quite often profitable. Good for an actor to have a few hits under her belt especially if she also has a few critically lauded performances in there too (maybe 'Southland Tales' will fill that role).
Ah, you may have scuppered my argument there somewhat, Saje! In an attempt to dig my way out of a hole I will suggest that Bradshaw and Kermode possibly looked more kindly upon 'The Descent' because it is a British film. Okay, I am probably clutching at straws.

Personally, I'm not holding out much hope of particularly good reviews for 'The Return' (don't ask me why, it's just a feeling I have), although maybe the presence of a British director will make some small difference over here. We shall see.

Don't get me wrong. I am looking forward to seeing the film and I expect I will enjoy it. If Gellar continues to make horror films and psychological/supernatural thrillers that is perfectly fine with me. I like these kinds of films and I'd rather see her doing this than struggling to find work. I'm also looking forward to films like 'Southland Tales' and 'The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing'.

I'm not expecting any of the half dozen or so films due to hit cinemas over the next twelve months to appreciably increase her profile. I don't think she is about to become hot property, the next "A-list" sensation. However, she seems to be doing okay and good luck to her. Long may it continue.
While I look forward to anything SMG is in I am also a big horror fan so this one has everything for me.

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