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August 09 2006

Spike Asylum #3 Cover by artist Franco Urru. Spike Asylum is written by Brian Lynch.

Oh I like the look of this. I can't wait to get this series as the premise of this story really intrigues me.
It won't dissapoint, I promise!

And if it'm REALLY drunk right now so you can't really take anything I say seriously.

How awesome is Franco Urru? I want that cover as a poster!
Is there just the one cover for Spike Asylum issues or the 4 we've gotten for the other IDW Angel comics?
OK, Brian Lynch gives his personal guarantee that Spike: Asylum won't suck. Plus, a free car to every reader.

Well, that's how I read the above post anyway. Admittedly there's some squinting involved. And a certain amount of rearranging letters. And lying. But otherwise it's practically the car thing verbatim.

(derf, issue 2 at least has 2 covers, both of which are very nice though personally I like 'The Usual Suspects' one best)
I love the cover for the dynamic pose, even though it would be great if once in a while artists could drop the old vamp face and try and get a really accurate human faced Spike down on a front cover.

The story sounds very unusual and seems perfect to bring the best (or worse) out in this character.

Well, you seem to have sold it to me anyway!

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Powerful cover ! I've loved what I've seen of this series and its artwork so far - Roll on the first issue !
Hmmm... Anyone else notice how close together his eyes are?
Thanks everyone but Daburcor!

And Sueworld, you'll be happy to know that Spike is sans vamp face on the following covers:

Issue 1 Variant (actually he's both, human AND vamp-face, together)

Both covers for issue 2 (and one is a USUAL SUSPECTS inspired number)

Variant cover for 3

Both covers for 4

Haven't seen any covers for issue 5 yet, sorry to say. But fans of the human-faced Spike (of which I am one) will have a cover for each issue they can buy!

[ edited by Brian Lynch on 2006-08-10 03:08 ]
I love the look of this cover as well as the one in the straightjacket. I am really looking forward to this series.

Oh yeah the straightjacket cover brought one of my favorite 'Spike kinks' to the fore, so it was a guaranteed sale the moment I clapped eye's on it!

Thanks for the info on the other covers Brain. I shall be defintely be keeping an eye open for those.
Damn Brian...this looks great. Our boy looks pretty menacing for sure...creepy looking bad guy shadows in the back ground too.

I am with Suesworld though in wanting a nice 'human' face version of Spike too for some covers. Hell...I'll buy both versions if I can manage to save up all my allowance.
Anyway...I preordered issue 1 and am looking forward to the next ones.

Just wish IDW could have offered this as a subscription. It makes it more conveniant and assures us that we'll still get our issues in case of a sell out. If they do the whole graphic novel option later I guess that is an option too, but I hate to wait you know....
I am very anxious when it comes to to have it...NOW!!!!
I have never bought a comic book in my life but I am certainly planning on this one. Good storyline and nice art work.

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