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August 09 2006

(SPOILER) Stargate SG-1's homage to Firefly. The 200th episode for Stargate SG-1 has the cast playing parts in a "plethora of science fiction and fantasy favorites." The episode is scheduled to air on August 18th on the SciFi Channel.

Samantha (Amanda Tapping) as Chiana from Farscape... this should be interesting :D

(Sorry, couldn't help myself ;)
The 200th episode is just going to be fantastic.
Does that mean we could get Richard Dean Anderson as Mal? *dies*.
This is one I cannot miss! I don't always like SG1, but I love when they do send-ups of themselves and others.
OMG I SO NEED TO SEE THIS! I am not afan of stargate like I am of firefly, but I like the show and its wonderful sense of humour(more than just the sci fi aspect). I am just going to do some manful squeeing hehe. BTW for more info and details about the 200th episode, hypaspace on Space (Canadian Sci Fi station) did a bit of a special, and can find it on youtube Here. Note there are two other parts of the special.
Seems like the week after this episode airs is Morena's first episode so anyone wanting to see her might as well start watching SG1 on the 18th.
Wonder what they had to do to get Michael Shanks to appear in that Cowardly Lion get-up...? dies laughing
Maybe it was a drunken bet that went awry. lol.
Hah! Simon mentioned RDA as Mal? Would that mean Teal'c as Book?
Can't wait for this one - just seeing the scenes for "next weeks" episode with the Star Trek spoof was enough to make me tune in! Can't wait to see what they do with Farscape and Firefly!
YEAAAH! I looooove that they're doing Farscape! I wonder if Ben Browder will show up in the black shirt and leather pants (how I miss that) and go "this feels familiar..."
I wonder if this is what Ben Browder and Nathan Fillion were talking about on that airplane trip! ;-)
Will this episode actually be set in the universe of the show? I don't watch it but it seems it would be very difficult to put it all within the actual continuity of the show. I think even Buffy or Angel (with musical and silent episodes or people turning into puppets) would have a hard time pulling that off.
Yes, the episode is set in the Stargate SG-1 universe. It's a sequel of sorts to the previous episode, Wormhole Extreme! (the 100th episode, btw). To see more plot details about the episode and the context on how they were able to include references to so many sci fi shows, you can go to the Gateworld site for episode 200. Obviously, lots of spoilers at that link.
Will someone please post a reminder about this on the 18th? I don't watch the SG shows and would otherwise forget. I'm sure the Firefly clip will show up on YouTube five min after the show airs, but it will be more fun to watch it live.
Wormhole Extreme! was definitely a favourite episode of mine, so I'm really looking forward to this episode (although it won't appear on Australian television for months, perhaps more than a year)!

When I first saw the Wizard of Oz picture, I almost died of laughter. O'Neill always was referring to Dorothy and not being in Kansas anymore. So happy he's back!
Oh. My. God. I need to see this episode. Am I... uh... the only one who wants to see someone in a Scorpius getup?

Carter as Chiana looks good, but her boobs are just a bit big... She is almost as good a non-Chiana, Chiana as Claudia Black...

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