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August 09 2006

Nathan Fillion Is The Next Bruce Campbell. A poetic comparison of the career of the "King Of B Movies," Bruce Campbell, and our Captain. Nathan Fillion is cited as being the next "King Of B Movies"

Hardly! While I do love Bruce Campbell's movies, I hardly think that Nathan would ever stay in B-movies. Sure, he's been attached to many a B movie, but not very many of these became so until much after release revealed they weren't the cinematic tour de forces that studios hoped they would be. Example: Dracula 2000.

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I'd rather see NF have a solid acting career than pine for superstardom. You might not like the people you meet if you got there, Nathan. And that picture of him is priceless. So goofy and yet, so gorgeous.
Ooo. Nathan has a fair way to go until he reaches truely Campbellian levels of awesome. He can do it, though! Go Nathan!

And there's absolutley nothing wrong with B-movies.
Personally for the sake of Nathan I'd like to see him in more mainstream stuff. I love the stuffing out of Bruce Campbell, but did anyone catch Alien Apocalypse on the Sci-Fi channel last year? Nathan can stay away from stuff like that...

Although the idea of him as the lead in the Evil Dead remake is very cool.....
Has there been talk about him doing it? That would be fantastic!

If not, who can we bombard with e-mails and postcards?
Firefly was later ressurected by the fans, because of DVD sales, into a feature film Serenity, which will go down as one of the greatest Sci-Fi movies of all time.

I love this line. I also think Nathan might end up in a much better place than Bruce Campbell (who really deserves better, himself).
I truly think that Nathan has the stuff to be a mainstream star and very much hope that he gets there, soonish. :) I'll do my part and see everything he puts out on the big screen and little screen and will purchase everything on DVD after. While a B movie career and cult status is cool and all, I really think he deserves more. Rather odd, this loyalty, never met the man... but I feel that I "know" him somehow. /shrug
Nathan does have what could turn out to be an ace in the hole--Joss. If Wonder Woman is a hit, Joss has more clout.
I don't know, I think Bruce is fantastic and I have loved his movies -- but there are some things that I see and think "seriously?" but I love that he's also celebrated as a hero of B-cinema.
First of all, I'm not a member of the Bruce Campbell cult. But even I know that there will never be another Bruce Campbell. He is a phenomemon unto himself.

And as far as Nathan having Joss as an ace in the hole, Bruce has an ace of spades open on the table: Sam Raimi (if we're talking box office clout).
I love Bruce Campbell, but I find comparisons of Nathan to Bruce as tiresome as comparisons of Nathan to Harrison Ford. Nathan Fillion isn't the "next" anybody. He's the first Nathan Fillion.
Bruce and Sam will always make more movies together, I think. As for Joss, he's got the ability to really do whatever he wants, and he's been wise in his casting.
Nathan Fillion isn't the "next" anybody. He's the first Nathan Fillion.

Good point, valgal. But I will say that we have discussed the similar "vibe" that Bruce and Nathan have, and ZachsMind even wrote a scene for the two of them that kicked a**! I think that quality that Evilpony mentioned -- feeling like you know them -- is something these 2 guys have in common, IMO. And they both have a crazy sense of humor that comes through every role. :-)

But I would go mental if Nathan starred in the remake of ED -- that would so rock! ;-)
What I sense - in retrospect following the allusion of the article- is, the charisma of Nathan has a simpatico vibe with that of Bruce.

Bubba Ho-tep oozes Nathan-ish charismatic & humoristic vibes. If you haven't seen the flick, do so - you won't regret it!
I also think 'Bubba Ho-Tep' was the first time i've really seen Bruce Campbell as an actor instead of as a (very cool) cult figure even though i've enjoyed him in pretty much everything i've seen him in. He really pulls the role off (albeit in a slightly larger-than-life way).

They do both have a sort of similar vibe but on the available evidence i'd put Nathan slightly ahead on the acting chops scale and so maybe more likely to hit in the mainstream.

Re: Evil Dead remake, Nathan has, IMO, too much 'cool baggage' to play Evil Dead Ash (though he could hit Army of Darkness Ash into orbit) who was actually a bit of a loser in the first film. I reckon (as rumoured previously) that Nick Brendan could do a really good job though as he has the funny without the coolness. Not saying Xander's not cool in his way but can anyone see Nathan playing 'The Zeppo' (except for the extremely cool last minute or two of the episode) ?
After watching the first two DVDs of Brisco County, I gotta agree that it's a "vibe" thing. They both nail the wise-cracking hero bit very well in their own ways.
If I'm not mistaken, there were writer(s?) on Brisco County that also were involved with Indiana Jones. And, that's yet another wise-cracking hero that has drawn comparisons.
Also a "vibe" likeness to both NF and BC IMHO.

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I would rather see Nathan tackling interesting indie or low-budget projects rather than having a very small role in a blockbuster, or for him to rise to the status of a huge Hollywood actor who stars in really soulless, unoriginal movies designed to make as much money as possible without any artistic integrity. Actually, that basically applies to any of the actors or actresses I like. The only positive outcome would perhaps be that he would have more power and fame to be able to influence the production of more stories set in the Fireflyverse.
For Nathan's sake I hope not. Bruce Campbell has enjoyed his career but have read interviews where he wishes he had more main stream success. Bruce is more of a cult figure and I love him but Nathan is a much better actor.
Re: Evil Dead remake, Nathan has, IMO, too much 'cool baggage' to play Evil Dead Ash ...

Saje, BC has said that the Evil Dead remake will not feature the same characters - after all, who could recreate Ash? These will be all new characters tormented by the Book of the Dead (and an opportunity for Nathan to create another iconic character, were he to be cast).
Ah, cool. Makes sense, as you say Bruce Campbell as Ash is kind of a one off.

Since the casting's open I nominate ... the Firefly cast to play all the parts even if there's more than 9 (maybe Nathan could wear a dress and double up ;).
I LOVED Brisco County Jr.! That show was my introduction to the mightiness of Bruce (is it overkill to use Bruce Almighty jokes?). Then it was Evil Dead and the rest is history.

Well, we know that Nathan has never opposed the dress before -- well, perhaps as long as it came with a floral bonnett.

Well, speaking of Bruce, I see that several of the Campbell and Raimi parties are attached to "My Name is Bruce" which I think is fantastic.

I think that these guys are the Coppolas of the B-movie world. What is interesting to me is that aside from Spiderman, Sam Raimi isn't terribly well known. In fact, I think it's wonderful that there has been a maintaining of tradition in placing brothers and friends (who are probably like brothers) in movies.

He's not in Spider-man 3 though, at least not according to IMDB.

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More like the King of Frackin' A movies. Am I right?
I was out of the country when Brisco started, and I asked my mother-in-law to send me tapes. Bless her, she thought I might like the show that came on after it too: The X-Files. Many nights of pleasure.
aside from Spiderman, Sam Raimi isn't terribly well known.

There's A Simple Plan and The Gift - but both are critically acclaimed rather than blockbusters.
according to IMDB, Bruce was considered for X-FIles as Doggett. I think I may have watched 8 and 9 if that were the case.
I want only the best for Nathan and for him to be happy and as successful as his talent merits. It merits alot.

Nathan is a hidden gem and when right movie hits for him the rest of the world will know it too. And he will have earned it. He has much greater talent than many A-listers running around out there now and we all know it. But until his day comes all we can do is support him in everything he does do and wait.
Seriously though, I've heard rumors (I can't remember from where now) about Nick Brendon playing Ash. I think that he'd fit the part better. He can be manly and timid, whichever the scene may call for.
I don't terms of capability with a chainsaw, I think Anthony Head has a one-up on Nick Brendon. Remember "Fear, Itself" and the "create a door" scene?
I adore Nathan, but Bruce will always be the "King," especially now that he's portrayed Elvis. But Nathan can certainly be the "Captain" of B-Movies. Although I think he has insane talent, and would love to see him be an A-list star someday soon, the monicker of Captain fits him well for now.

So, who are the President and Prime Minister of B-Movies?
Kurt Russell has to figure in there somewhere, just for his John Carpenter stuff...

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