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August 09 2006

Promo Pics for Bones Second Season.

These are great.

I love the ones on the morgue slabs.

Booth's socks scare me >.<
Just Beautiful. Seriously, can a man look better? Looking forward to some new Bones. The premiere is a lot earlier than I thought it would be. Late August, way earlier than most shows are premiering.
Fox is airing many of it's shows early this year. Fine by me!

Somehow, those socks are scarily perfect for him.
Whedonverse alums are taking over! DB, T.J. Thyne, and now Tamara Taylor. Looking forward to S2.
*rofl* Someone got seriously carried away with the airbrushing on those photos! I think it makes them look a little creepy.
I'm guessing the morgue table is cold and he needs those socks for warmth? ;-)
DB is known for loving weird socks. I'd say those are his personal socks.
I love the socks. Somehow they seem in character for both DB and Booth.
In agreement about how good the man looks. I can't wait for this next season.
Those must be David's socks.
Aaargh, attack of the killer doll people !

(i.e. I also think they went a leetle overboard with the airbrush, though it's sort of an interesting look it's also slightly inhuman)

Looking forward to the start of the new season too. Hoping for more of Hodgins and Angela and more of the shooting-the-breeze just-hanging-out style intragroup dynamics.
I love the subtle touches on Bones with the makeup or post-processing, making her look cold and lifeless (like a corpse?).
Hmm, that'd make sense if they hadn't done the same to Booth (who isn't cold and aloof).

Maybe they are trying to suggest lifelessness but i'm not certain that's the best way to sell the show. "Come watch us, the cast look dead !" ;).
I think the airbrushing was on purpose. They're exagerrated versions of the characters and they created a distinct look. Booth has the gambling dice on his shirt, and a terrified look on his face and all the rest have something to do with their personality. Zack is showing off to Temperance who's oblivious as usual. The ad looks incredible and had a great photographer.
Who's the new chick? A replacement for Temp's boss?
Bones season 1 region 2 DVD news. Seems there will be at least one episode commentary by David.
They are testing her with auidence.

Commentary by DB. AWESOME!
Gorgeous photos. I used to be a big sock freak and I would love to have those stripers, oh yes I would.
It's a pleasure to have new pics of DB to add to the ol' collection....

I remember reading about/seeing him discuss his sock-love on late night talk shows, but we never got a glimpse of them on Angel because he always wore those big, black demon-stompin' boots (though you know they were there, undercover, so to speak).

While I do think Bones showed great improvement toward the end of last season, I won't be satisfied unless we get some seriously in-depth character development for Booth this year. His quirky ties and sock choices are symbolic of something quixotic in his personality, and I'll admit I'm curious to find out more.
I've never seen a single episode of this show, but will definitely rent the first season discs when they are released.

And DB is looking great; he's definitely lost some weight but not too much. Perfect.

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