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August 11 2006

Kendra joins the BE BlowOut Line-up Aug 18-20 in Burbank. Bianca Lawson is joining the other whedonverse guests at the BE BlowOut next weekend. Tickets available at the door, starting at $25. Other verse guests include Elisabeth Rohm, Andy Hallett, Matt James, Kelly Donovan, and Mark Sheppard.

Along with guests from Veronica Mars, Smallville, Roswell, and more.

Guest list to date:

Jason Dohring - Veronica Mars
Michael Rosenbaum - Smallville
Brendan Fehr - Roswell; CSI: Miami
Francis Capra - Veronica Mars
Michael Muhney - Veronica Mars
Elizabeth Rohm - Angel, Law & Order
Andy Hallett - Angel
Mark Sheppard - Firefly; Medium; 24
Matt James - Angel
James Leary - Buffy
Camden Toy- Angel, Buffy
Jack Donner - Buffy, Roswell, Classic Trek, Enterprise, Stigmata
Spice Williams - Buffy, Angel, Mission Impossible III
Charles Cyphers - Buffy, Halloween I & II, The Fog, Escape From New York, Assault on Precinct 13
Eileen Dietz - Helter Skelter, The Exorcist
Kelly Donovan - the other Xander from "The Replacement".
Danielle Harris - Halloween, Charmed, The West Wing, ER...
Ezra Buzzington - The Hills Have Eyes
Nancy Loomis - Halloween, The Fog
Bianca Lawson - Buffy

I forgot to mention attendance is limited to 500 a day. Also Michael Rosenbaum is a Sunday only guest.

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