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August 10 2006

MWCToys review: Chosen Xander, Wish Cordelia figures with Mr. Crawford's usual degree of detail, including photos comparing them to the original MAC figures and the previously-reviewed S7 Xander and Pylean Cordelia, reviewed here.

Wow... These one's are just as ugly as the others!
In the three Cordy dolls pic purple Cordy (or whatever shes called) seems to be checking out The Wish Cordy's ass. Just saying.
Those are just awful! Xander, again, looks like an old man. And whose face did they use to do the Cordy one? It certainly wasn't Charisma's!
I'm going to Hell. The Xander reminds me of an overweight Corey Feldman. This is probably why I have no figures - I'm never really that happy with the way they look; although in that other topic about figures, the White Willow was quite good.
"The Xander reminds me of an overweight Corey Feldman."

Tonya J, I almost died when I read that! TOO funny!
I don't think The Wish Cordy is that bad. I like her outfit and her body looks OK, when I look at ther face I can see a bit of Cordy (but it is generic pretty). I definitely have seen worse figures.

I have nothing good to say about eye patch Xander, I don't like the figure at all.
A guy must have sculpted these; the only parts that look right are Cordy's boobs.

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