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August 11 2006

Firefly still popular 700 years from now. Look what showed up in the background of David C. Simon's webcomic Crimson Dark! There's also a nice comment underneath about the likely endurance of our BDHs. The Niobe and its crew fit nicely into the 'Verse, I think.

I've been linked!!!


Thanks for posting this Chris, I didn't realise any Whedonesquers were reading my webcomic. I'm humbled!
Actually I was reading the blog of the guy who made the poster you used :) But I also glanced back at some of the previous strips and I think I'm going to be a regular reader. You do incredible work, sir.
Considering the fantastic art, I'll be checking out previous strips as well.
LOL - you know I bet a lot of webcomics get a boost in readership when they put a Firefly reference in. I know I often check out older strips and may end up sticking around and becoming a regular reader (such as the Nice Guy)
The Least, I'm impressed with the art, too. I usually hate computer-generated stuff--I'm not sure that's the correct term among the technorati, don't want to make it sound like you let the computer do all the work. But anyway, back to my point, usually in this style the figures are so awkwardly posed it takes me right out of the story--artists rarely manage to overcome that, but you have. Kudos.
I for one am not at all surprised.
Ooo, that store has nice stuff. I think I'll get a poster, and maybe one of the T-shirts. I like the Kaylee Shiny one.
Love the artwork and am enjoying the story a lot. I notice quite a few tributes to Sernifly in there.
Outstanding work, The Least. The congrats are for you. I think many of us will be checking out your webcomics regularly. Love your humor!
I bet a lot of webcomics get a boost in readership when they put a Firefly reference in.

Yeppers - that's how I found Unshelved, which sadly is on vacation at the moment.

Chris, what blog did you find this on?
Very nice CG art (maybe Computer Assisted Art is more accurate ?). I agree that computer art is often posed very awkwardly but this comic doesn't suffer from that at all. Will be checking through the whole run.

(as an aside the Blackmarket Beagles stuff is great, bought two t-shirts a while back and the quality - of the shirts themselves and the prints - is excellent)
Chris, what blog did you find this on?

I know self-promotion is discouraged here, but since obejoyful asked:

BTW, I agree with everyone else who has posted. Most 3D art like this looks lifeless, but Crimson Dark is really impressive and well done!

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Shiny web comic, I saw the page linked to and then read through all the previous ones. Great job! It's now in my favourites list. I didn't expect it to be from a fellow aussie either, that adds another layer of shine for me.
Fantastic webcomic and great Firefly that a copy of Finding Serenity on the table?!
Wow, well spotted! Yes, I put a copy of Finding Serenity on the table - I'm amazed that anyone was able to recognise it at that resolution though.

Thanks for all the kind comments everyone, you've really made my day!
I'm not much for comics but I'm totally impressed with the artwork.

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