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August 11 2006

The Ten Best Marvel Comics.'s list of the top ten Marvel Comics that are currently being produced. Astonishing X-Men, not surprisingly, is on the list.

While I was surprised that Astonishing X-Men is #6, the five comics above it have all been amazing in recent months. I would have probably put it #3, after the Ultimates (which never comes out, but when it does, is amazing) and Daredevil.
I would definately not have put Civil War at the top. Daredevil belongs there. Civil War, I think, is really quite poor. I would have put Powers further down as well as AXM. Ultimates, while great, still isn't as good as DD or AXM and its release schedule is more than a bit annoying.
Good list. The fact that AXM rates so relatively low says a lot about Marvel's recent output (although this wouldn't be the order I'd put the books in, of course, but still.)

And I am buying/waiting for the trade or hardcover, let's see, one, two, three... all ten of these books. Sheesh. Never in a million years did I ever think I'd be buying both Hulk and Captain America.

Honorable mentions should go out to Brubaker's Uncanny X-Men, and Garth Ennis's Punisher. I could go on. Ultimate Spider-Man. Peter "Spike" David's X-Factor. Civil War: Frontline.
Can I just ask how many issues of Astonishing X-Men have now been released in the US?

Here in Ireland I've been relying on the trade-paperbacks. I got one that had all the issues from both Gifted and Dangerous, and is now taking pre-orders for Torn. I'm hoping to pre-order it, but I'm just curious as to how far ahead the US actually is.
It's not just in the US Razor, AXM is released here the day after it's out in the US. #16 is due out here 24th August. After that it should be back to monthly so the final part of Torn will hopefully be out mid October with the trade to follow sometime after that.
Hmmmm Ultimates or Astonishing X-Men? Really tough call. Gotta to be Ultimates. I'll be at Millaresque MillarWorld if you need me.
Fairly accurate list, except for Civil War at the top and Hulk might be a little high as well. I agree with most it seems, that DD has been Marvel's strongest book for the past year. Both Bendis's final arc and Brubaker's first were amazing.
I feel like Ultimate Spider-Man, She-Hulk and X-Factor are missing from that list... Ultimates and Civil War placed too high... of the ones that I read, I'd have She-Hulk, Runaways, Astonishing X-Men, Daredevil and the Civil War event as a whole (I don't think the mini is all that appealing on its own), as my top five.
Not a huge Marvel reader but 'Next Wave', AXM, 'Runaways' and 'Eternals' all deserve to be on there, possibly slightly higher up IMO. Quite enjoying 'Civil War' though i'm not sure about it being No. 1 and when it's all over i'm gonna go back and read Ultimates (read the first arc a couple of years ago when I was just getting back into comics and didn't think much of it but I hadn't read any of Millar at that point so didn't really 'get' him - i've since read 'Chosen' and 'Wanted' among others and thought they were brilliant so I reckon I didn't give him a fair crack on 'Ultimates').

Monday's small press list should be worth checking out too.

(the previous days DC list is also pretty good with 'Ex Machina', 'DMZ' and 'Batman' being among my favourite reads at the moment. Really got to check out 'Fables' too since i've heard only good things)
While I agree that Eternals was good, there just haven't been enough issues to warrant putting it in the top ten "monthly" book list for marvel. Like previous posters, I might have put in Ultimate Spidey or X-factor, which I'm more excited about. Maybe I'm just not a big enough Gaiman fan.

I agree that the DC list was pretty good as well. I mostly only read their Vertigo books and Ex Machina, so it was nice to see those books listed so high. You should definitely check out Fables, as it continues to amaze me.

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