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August 12 2006

Bones on US iTunes Music Store! Season 1 available for download (iTunes software required to view link).

But did you notice that Firefly is now available for download? Just $1.99 an episode from Aug. 11-24!
Leaving the new Firefly campaign aside (and I wish it well btw), is this first time a show has had a full season on sale at iTunes before it has come out on DVD?
Aside from any promotional campaigns, Firefly has been on iTunes for a while, and $1.99 is the regular price.

Still, the promotion is a very good idea. It would be nice if it could lead to a renewal, but.... sigh.
Cool, Bones comes in 16:9. Aside from the HD broadcast, Bones was broadcasted in 4:3, right? Good step from Apple.

You have Lost or Desperate Housewives available on itunes before the DVD release.
All the shows that have been going on iTunes the week of broadcast have been available before DVD: The Office, Battlestar Galactica, South Park, etc...

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