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August 12 2006

White Noise - The Light photos. It mentions that the movie may have secured theatrical distribution, with January 7th 2007 as the reported opening date (against Hostel 2). Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff star.

I can't wait for this.

Two of my favorite people. I have heard so many positive things about this film and the stars just seem to have dug doing it!
I'll be there opening weekend... great news to hear it will hit theatres rather than direct to DVD!
I actually rather liked the first White Noise and that was because of the superb Michael Keaton's commitment to the role. I'm sure Nathan is going to be stellar in this for the same reason.

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Will Katee Sackhoff die as nicely as she did in Halloween: Resurrection? :)
Nathan and Katee Sackhoff? Whoo-hoo, Color Me Happy!
Good luck to the Captain and the Lieutenant! ;-)
Actually, (and I hope this isn't too much of a spoiler for those of you who havent seen all of S2) but they're BOTH captains now;)

Looking forward to this movie for its stars alone.

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If I'm not mistaken (I did read something about this last week)), Hostel 2 has been deleyed, at least the filming started way later than planned.

And although I consider the first White Noise, just plain silly, i'll follow Nathan into the sequel. Cause, you know, he's the captain (and I did enjoy Slither).

or StarReynolds (didn't she get canned from "The View"?
Har! I think she prefers to think of it as "contract not renewed."
can't. wait. (for the DVD.. stupid Sweden)
or StarReynolds (didn't she get canned from "The View"?

Whedonesque synchronicity - at the Comic-con panel for Southland Tales, Richard Kelly said that Krysta Now's (SMG's character) pornstar talk show was inspired by The View - of which he is a great fan.
werealljustfloating, you make a good point! ;-)

And RogueSlayer and jaynelovesvera, I hope people remember that y'all said it first, right here, when we see "Malbuck" and "StarReynolds" all over the 'Net by time the film comes out, lol!
I've only just discovered the genius that is BSG, and Starbuck is by far my favourite character - although there's hardly anyone I don't love on that show (Ellen Tigh maybe).

I wouldn't even consider watching this film if not for it's two stars - they're bound to have great chemistry!
Hmm, Malbuck. Given that 'buck' is sometimes slang for a man and Mal means bad (in the Latin) we have Captain Badman who sounds straight out of Dickens (s/he's probably under Major Total-Bastard and just above Lt. Stoutheart in the chain of command).

As for Star Reynolds, well, Reynolds apparently means 'pure love' so I think we may be straying into porn-star name territory with that one ;).

I'll be seeing this (assuming it gets a UK cinema release) since the two leads are both great. Haven't seen the first one though and I don't expect that to change.

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