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August 12 2006

Joss Whedon and Steve McNiven? In a recent interview with Wizard, Civil War artist Steve McNiven named Joss as the person he would most like an opportunity to work with.

Wouldn't mind seeing this duo on some future project as well. McNiven has risen very quickly through the ranks at Mighty Marvel and with good reason. He is also one of the most approachable artists I have ever met at a con, which really makes me want to see this combo at some point in the future.

Very cool. Thanks for posting.
McNiven's stuff looks pretty sweet to me. I'm not that familiar with it myself. He's got the grimacing super hero thing down. If McNiven is able to convey genuine emotion in his illustrations, I'm guessing Joss would love to work with him on something at some point.
Now THAT would be a Hell of a comic duo!
Interesting. Joss is one of the writer I would most like Steve McNiven to work with, too.

Hjermsted, yes, I think he can do emotions pretty well. I'm personally very fond of his early work on Meridian, which can best be described as a fairy tale title--a far cry from Marvel superheroics.

To do a creator-owned project would also be somewhat of a dream come true.

They should absolutely do a creator-owned book together for Marvel's Icon imprint (since Steve is Marvel exclusive). New Joss-characters. Of course, they would both have to make a longterm commitment. :-)

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Everybody loves our Joss. :)
That would be quite a tale considering Joss' love of the emotional upheaval of the American Civil War period. Think it would be a good read.

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