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July 23 2002

With silly verses thou hast feigned thy love. A Midsummer's Nightmare.

By Linda R. Barlow
(R, language, adult situations)


I must confess that I heard that gossip, too,
And with Xander thought to have spoke thereof;
But, being over-full of self-affairs,
And being forced to re-write Firefly,
Lest the damn network condemn all my shows
Unto the garbage My mind did lose it.
But, Alexander, come;
And you, too, Rupert; go with me,
I have some private schooling for you both.
I don't mean Eton, nor will I harrow thee.
For you, fair Slayer, look you arm yourself
To fit your fancies to your Watcher's will;
Else you will die or vow a single life.


So that's different from my usual fate, how?

Check out Linda's S7.1 pre-parody too. But be warned, it's spoilery.

I dig Will. I dig Joss. This is fun. =)

However it's not in keeping well with the style of Shakespeare. For example, it reveals five hours of sexual activity between Spike & Buffy, and if Shakespeare were writing Buffy, that would have been left offstage and revealed in exposition. Shakespeare never allowed sex on stage, predominantly because all the performers were male & the laws of the time period were very.. uhm, conservative.

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