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April 10 2003

Seth Green's latest role Seth Green plays '80s gay club kid James St. James in the film "Party Monster".

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Out gay actor Wilson Cruz is also in the film, along with Macaulay Culkin, Chloe Sevigny (who was in "Boys Don't Cry"), Natasha Lyonne (who starred opposite Clea Duvall [of Buffy "Invisible Marcy" fame] in the great lesbian flick "But I'm a Cheerleader"), and (cringe) Marilyn Manson. There's a picture from Sundance that includes Seth Green, on the last page of the latest issue of "Out" magazine (the one with Ewan McGregor on the cover).

w00t! That's awesome! I take back my suggestion that Seth Green's career is waning!
Very very cool.
I found a pic of Seth Green here.

Scroll down to and click on "Party Monster"

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