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August 12 2006

TV Squad Includes Buffy Season Eight Comic in Five Fall TV Picks. Keith McDuffee of TV Squad announces his five most-anticipated fall TV shows, including the Buffy Season 8 comic, and says fans of the show would like to see the issues reviewed as TV episodes.

Keith has repeatedly shown himself to be one of those fans, and so we may look forward to seeing his reviews as the comics emerge.

His other picks are Veronica Mars (yay!), Lost, The Nine and the upcoming football season. His tags & article suggest that he found the limitation of choosing only five a bit confining.

That's really cool.
Well no doubt we'll have several links to reviews and probably our own discussion thread for each issue as it comes out.
This is so exciting. Finally Buffy is coming back.
Good to see the Buffy comic recommended. Not so happy about the negativity towards Prison Break though.
VM Season 3 and Buffy Season 8 comics....

I'll be in my bunk.
Very cool! Can't wait for more Buffy!
Right there with you, TwisTz...
Do you two know each other well enough to be sharing a bunk ? ;-)

Really cool that a TV fan (and reviewer) is paying attention to the comics but a comic 'episode' is a very different beastie to a TV one.

For a start it's much, much shorter (paging Captain Obvious, Captain Obvious to the front desk please ;) but it's also structured very differently as far as I can tell (e.g. the best writers - and i'm sure I remember a comment about Joss being a bit of a stickler for this - are very conscious of page order so that reveals occur on turn pages rather than facing pages) and is, IMO, going to be found wanting if it's looked at as a TV episode.

Maybe you could review one arc as an episode and (assuming four issue minis) if you read each arc twice it'd last roughly the same time too ;).
But guys... reading comics in my bunk is fine, do that all the time, but I can't actually see my TV very well from my bunk...

Saje, the reviewer might just mean "review the comics *alongside* with the TV episodes of the other shows."
Yeah, hopefully you're right Telltale, it's just where he says "...reviewed as though they were TV episodes?" that makes me wonder. If he's not a comics reader there're a lot of conventions and tropes that he may not pick up on and since they're very different media it's a bit unfair to expect the same affect from 22 pages as from 45 minutes (not that it can't happen with a great comic).

Still, his reviews aren't going to stop fans buying the issues and if favourable they might just bring in a few TV fans that don't normally read comics so either way I guess it's A Good Thing (and if he's not a comics reader then hats off to him for being willing to give them a chance).
I thought the addition of the Buffy comic to this list was a commentary that the comics are better than what is actually shown on TV. Which I hope, because TV sucks lately.
TwisTz and showgirl, two strangers in the night, sharing the same sleeping? space, and all they're doing is reading comics and watching sultry Kristin Bell smolder across a TV screen? Sounds like a lot of bunk.
Saje, jumping threads here, but any chance Captain Obvious is in the White Noise sequel with Captains Starbuck and Reynolds?
Do we have any publishing dates?
There's been varying reports. Some have said aiming for an October release (but they'd probably have been announced on solicitation lists if that were the case), others have it as early 2007 which I think is probably the most realistic (about a month ago the artist apparently hadn't started working on the first issue).

jaynelovesvera, there're rumours he may have a cameo, popping up periodically to point out that Katee Sackhoff is smokin' hot and there's no such thing as ghosts. Nothing set in stone though.
Hey everyone. I had to get the keys to Fort Knox before being able to comment. ;)

I am a comic book fan as well, and I do realize how comic books differ from TV Shows. I plan to review the issues individually, though I'll base my thoughts on what the events mean for the Buffy universe in regards to how the TV series ended.

Don't worry -- I'll do my best to do it right. And if you think I'm not, let me know in the comments for the post I do!

TV Squad

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