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August 14 2006

Morena Baccarin lands new TV pilot. She's one of the leads in TNT's "Heartland", a drama set in the world of transplant surgery.

Is this a January replacement d'you suppose? I'm very pleased for Morena and this means that there is something to ask her when she is in Toronto in a couple of weeks!
It also says Danielle Nicolet is in the cast, who was Tamika in 'Harm's Way'... and Kari Matchett, who was Beth in Wonderfalls

It's a minearverse extravaganza!
Will still be a semi-regular on SG-1?
Well, AFAIK Morena only actually had about 4 eps on SG-1 with the possibility of more. I'd have thought she could fit a pilot in around that and if 'Heartland' gets picked up then she'd just not go back to Stargate (assuming she was going to anyway - she may die or be otherwise written out in the natural course of the episodes she's already done).

Good on her getting the opportunity anyway.

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I can't remember another show set in Pittsburgh - I hope they keep it there. I think it's a visually interesting city - lots of elevation changes, some nice architecture. It's one of those cities that escaped the ugly 60s & 70s boring boxy buildings phase.

And of course, congratulations to Morena! I bet wearing scrubs will be a nice change from Inara-type outfits!
The SG-1 thing was a one-season stint as a villain, I believe, so that may have wrapped already. Cable tends to have a bit more lead time in filming than network.
Stargate production just had their mid-season break. If I know Stargate she'll most likely be back for the season finale which has yet to be shot.
Go Morena! I hope the show is good, because I'm going to have to watch it as long as it's on.
I kind of picture Morena as a surgeon. This could be great for her.
I hate hospitals, but if she's there I guess i'll have to take a look ;)
I'm not interested in the show, according to the premise, but I want to see Morena in other roles, so I hope they'll pick up it.
Good luck, Morena!
I hope Treat Williams isn't playing another Jeffrey Geiger, 'cause Morena will have her hands full.
Oh...I think Morena could to so many things for hospital greens;)

Definitely wanna see this show, as it sounds rather interesting. Maybe even quasi-educational to the masses about how the system needs help...
A drama set in the world of transplant surgery? Nope, won't be watching. Medical dramas depress me to no end. Still, great to see Morena bagging a pilot. For her, I hope it's a big hit.
I'm so happy for Morena. It'll be amazing to see her again!
Congratulations, Morena! And also to Treat Williams -- I liked Everwood! :-)
I'm with you billz. Everwood was great television, still bummed out about its demise. Hmmm, that makes two actors from great - but cancelled - shows in this. Now if only I'd like medical dramas...
hm... am i thinking right here? if she's doing a regular tv series, that would mean she wouldn't have time to be shooting a certain movie, ie. wonder woman?

damn i was so hoping she would be in WW =(

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