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August 14 2006

"Done the Impossible" Reviewed at Detailed review of the DVD...Rated as "Highly Recommended".

For those who care, there are Easter Egg spoilers in the article.
Yeah... hmmm maybe one should put a spoiler warning tag. Not that I dont like it, since I can never for the life of me figure out where are the easter eggs so its nice to find them. But for those people who want to figure that stuff out, dont read the special features part. I think there are 5 easter eggs, but one of them isnt functional yet.
I really don't see the need to put a spoiler tag on. So it can stay as it is.
Hey, congratulations, DTI guys! And, to tell the truth, I needed easter egg help, so I appreciated this review! The review didn't spoil the treats themselves, so I was quite happy. :-)
Excellent, my dvd arrived this morning.

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