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August 14 2006

Brian Bendis Presents... With Dan Slott. Another Brian Bendis presents, this time with She-Hulk writer Dan Slott, who names his favorite TV show of all time as Buffy.

Season 3 to be exact.

Here's the exact quote if you don't care to read the whole thing:

Bendis: Favorite TV show of all time?

Slott: Holy crap. I don't mean to sound like a [Joss] Whedon whore, but "Buffy." The third season of "Buffy." Wow. Either that, or the Steed and Peel season of "The Avengers."
I thought She-Hulk had some Whedony humor in it...

Now, why does Slott write such strong female characters??
Also, who should play She-Hulk in any potential upcoming movies ?

Hulk Hogan in green makeup and drag.

Get it? "Hulk"? Ha, ha....
I mean, he was in Mr. Nanny after all, so he won't have such a tough time playing She-Hulk.
And why did he have to kill Wash Hulk at the end???!?
"There was this one guy who wrote in to Alf regularly. You could tell he wasn"t lifting his pencil up, so all the words were attached for a whole line and it would just be almost like turrets syndrome. It would be like, 'AlfisGodGodisChristChristisAlf,' over and over again. So, yeah, it was fun. It was a great office."

Haha great interview. I need to go read some of this guy's stuff.
You should definitely check out his GLA stuff. The Thing was great, but it got cancelled, and she hulk is always entertaining. Sometimes it feels like you need a marvel encyclopedia to read she hulk, but it's still highly entertaining.
The third season of Buffy was awesome. It's so great to see Joss and Buffy mentioned all the time. Thanks for this link.
Everyone should read Dan's Arkham Asylum mini. Absolutely brilliant. The guy is easily one of my favorite comic writers right now and apparently the only writer who understands comics don't have to be doom and gloom.
His little intros and sidebars during GLA were not only funny but perfectly true from the shocking way male writers treat women in comics to well just read it.
Plus major props for making Squirrel Girl a great character that I want to see more done with.
Now, why does Slott write such strong female characters??

Why, because they've been gamma ray-irradiated, of course.

Wait, no, 'because they've had a blood transfusion from their gamma ray-irradiated cousin,' would be the accurate version.

I also highly recommend GLA to those interested in checking out Slott's work. It's a single limited series/trade paperback, so it's not a big commitment to make. 'GLA' stands for 'Great Lake Avengers,' by the way, and there's also a GLX-Mas oneshot after they got sued by the actual Avengers and changed their name to the Great Lakes X-Men.

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And if you like the GLA/GLX, then you should check out the last issue of the Thing for their newest incarnation.
I hope Dan Slott gets a few issues of the Buffy comic to write. I suspect he could do rather well with them.
He even lifted the "Dawn's in trouble, must be Tuesday" joke for one of his She-Hulk issues.

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