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August 15 2006

Tim Minear scheduled to appear at WorldCon 2006. He'll participating in three panels. One of which is "Crafting the Whedon-verse" which also has Marti Noxon, Loni Peristere and Jane Espenson on it. How cool would it be to go to that?

All right. Okay. I give in. Okay? Allright already, then.

I've only been to a couple of conventions ever in my whole (enormously long) life -- the last one was an American Bookseller's Association con -- and despite the fact that it was all about my favourite thing in the world, it felt like a swirling miasma of hucksterism-gone-Vegas (the HarperCollins exhibit springs to mind.) And Anaheim, fa chrissake.

But Tim, Marti, Jane & Loni in one room talkin' 'bout the Whedon'verse? *normally low and sedate dulcet tones rise to a torrent of high squeaky pitch inaudible to the human ear.*

*resumes normal tones into which a defeated note has stolen...*
I surrender to the 75-buck event and a day driving to and from the city of the evil Mouse King. I give in -- it's just too close and too possible and too irresistible to pass up. I thought I would never, ever have to set foot in Orange County again. (Apologies to anyone that lives there, but there it is...)

I was wrong, wasn't I? Damn you, 64th World Science Fiction Convention!!!!!! (And thank you, Simon and Tim Mine-Ear.)
It's a panel that deserves to filmed. No doubt we'll do a special blog entry for it. So if you are going to it, do say so.
Simon, I've emailed you off-line about this, so as not to waste valuable BLOG real-estate with plans.

"Q: What do you look for in a writer?
Tim: Someone who can write. Itís not competitive, 'cause most writers suck. Itís a meritocracy."
-- Tim Minear, Screenwriting Expo 4, 2005
This has a cool rating of thirteen. That's how cool it would be to go to that. Unfortunately, it gets eleventy hundred demerits for being in the Americas, and not someplace decent where I can get to it, like my backyard.
Wow, I wish I could attend this. This would be absolutely fabulous to see. I'm so jealous of those of you who are close by.
*weeps (in a manly way) looking into empty wallet & bank account*
I know the Whedon-verse panel is the gold standard, but to have the showrunner panel too? and on the same day?? *cries*

Gosh, I have a 50th birthday coming up in September, somebody please surprise me! *smiles winsomely*
Isn't David Fury also suppose to be at this event? Not to mention our friend krad.
You can all come over to England anytime and do a writers panel - would love to hear these guys. Please someone make a dvd of the whedonverse panel.
Darn, this wasn't even on my radar. And I've bought tickets for the Revenge of the Bookeaters gig at UCLA's Royce Hall that night.

Probably shouldn't complain about the surfeit of attractions though . . .
Yup, I'll be at WorldCon for the whole thing. I'll be doing a panel on Firefly Sunday at 11.30am.

My full schedule is here. It should be noted that Blackout will just be out in time for the con. *grin*
SNT, I had to go look up Revenge of the Bookeaters and that sounds fascinating too. I'd love to see the version in Seattle. Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket) is doing that one and he is a very talented and funny guy.
But you get Aimee Mann so you get some Whedonverse related stuff that night.

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