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August 15 2006

(SPOILER) Amber Benson to appear in 'Supernatural'. As she says herself "It's a very juicy guest spot".

Looking forward ot this.

This show is really good and AB on it can only make it better!
Been a while since we've seen Amber in a tv show.

Now, she joins the ranks of other ME actresses who's been in Supernatural.

Amy Acker and Julie Benz were in the first season. Hopefully we'll see more of them in the show.
"Been a while since we've seen Amber in a tv show."

Depends on where you are, just saw The Inside last night, and started to (slowly) realize, hey I know that face isn't that AB ?

Good episode, for a crime procedural.
Did I just miss it saying what episode she'd be in? I want to try and catch it.
Nope, didn't say anything about which episode - but I'm sure more information will reveal itself and be posted up here before it airs.
The sexiest Buffy girl... I aint missing this.
Oh cool, I really like Supernatural!
Oh, that is too awesome for words. I love seeing Jossverse people on Supernatural.
That's awesome. I hope it ends up being a recurring role like the blonde demon girl from last year.
It's great to see Amber back on tv!
A tough and sexy girl.. grrrreat XD
Oooh Yay! Just when I figure SPN can't get any better, one of my all-time favorite Buffy cast members is going to be on! Amy and Julie did a fantastic job with their role so I'm really looking forward to Amber's!
I really enjoyed Supernatural and look forward to seeing Amber in this epi.
Ask Ausiello has more info about Amber's character on Supernatural.

Spoiler: How cool is that?
Wow, this is amazing!

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