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August 15 2006

One week left to vote for the SyFy Genre Awards! A plethora of Serenity, Firefly, Acker, and Whedonesque nominees await your choices.

Up for awards: Serenity (Best Movie); Nathan Fillion (Best Actor, Serenity and Firefly); Summer Glau and Gina Torres (Best Actress, Serenity); Adam Baldwin (Best Supporting Actor, Firefly); Firefly (Best TV show); Whedonesque (Best website); Christina Hendricks (Best Guest appearance, Firefly); Trash (Best single episode); Amy Acker (Best Supporting Actress, Alias).

In case you missed the original post from last month. One week left for you to vote for all our favorites!

Lets not forget to vote for WHEDONesque which is, without a doubt, the most brained site on the planet.
Edited the link title for spaceage reasons.

I didn't vote across the board for the Whedonversers, but I do believe that many of the W nominees deserve some accolades.
Spaceage is OK by me.

I didn't vote across the board, either, but they got most of my votes. There were a couple of categories where other choices were very compelling though (like the best episode category).
There were a couple of categories where other choices were very compelling though (like the best episode category).

Word, Nebula1400!

Don't forget SyFy lets you vote once a day, so you can go back and give more support daily till the voting closes! :-)
Out of all the Firefly episodes, they liked Trash best? Okay...
They had to pick one of the episodes that was aired for the first time (on US TV) during the last year. Therefore it was a choice between Trash, Heart of Gold and The Message.
I would have picked "Heart of Gold", but for those who like the Captain's opening scene outfit I can understand liking "Trash".

Interesting choices.
I didn't know they let you vote everyday. Much wasted time. Thanks, billz.
Why is Firefly even on this list, anyway? Didn't it originally air from 2002 to 2003? Not that I'm complaining, just curious. Maybe because it is being repeated on TV?

I voted for a lot of Whedonverse choices, but not in every case because there were some where I did prefer another choice.
It was eligible for the awards because there were 3 episodes that aired for the first time on television (on the Sci-Fi channel) during the eligible period. Wonderfalls is also eligible because 9 previously unaired episodes appeared on Logo.
Good to know why FF ep. "Trash" is eligible. Several worthy non-Whedonverse contenders in that category, however!
I voted V for Vendetta over Serenity. Depending on the mood I'm in, Serenity could easily get my vote next time.

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