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August 15 2006

The Chosen Collection available again after apparently disappearing from most U.S. retailers.

Rumors of hidden caches at Costcos around the country notwithstanding, the collection was generally available only on the secondary market (eBay, Amazon Marketplace/zShops, etc), sometimes for more than retail. Now, it looks as though it's coming back in stock. Barnes and Noble has a pre-sale date of 9/19, but says they have it now!

I placed an order today and will see how long it takes to get to me. Those who want to live dangerously can wait until November when DDD usually has 20% off coupon codes.

For anyone in Canada the chosen collection has been on sale for $140 at Future Shop for the past month or so.
Tidied up the rather overlong link title.
That's excellent news - I was just over at looking around and thought, well, I can afford that in about 3 to 4 months (nearly $300.00). Can't thank you enough for letting us know.
Man, I'm glad I bought my 2 sets when Amazon offered them on pre-order at about $115 or so...don't remember exactly how much, but it was something like that.
Why not just bring out the Angel version like those lucky sexy Brits got?
It looks like Amazon has it back in stock now too, for $170. I'm glad I flipped mine when I did. I sold my open copy of the Chosen collection for $250 on Amazon in order to buy the slimset versions (which were on sale for $20 each on DDD at the time).

I did love the packaging for the Chosen collection, but I lend individual seasons to people on a regular basis, and the non-closing cardboard covers in the Chosen collection aren't really condusive to that, whereas the slimset ones are perfect for it.

Now that the price for the Chosen collection and the slimsets are pretty much the same, it will be interesting to see which sells better.
Well that's all well and good... but where the frilly hell is the complete Angel box set?!?
Thanks SNT. I knew it was a bit wordy...
No worries, tc. Speaking of hidden Costco caches, I did pick up a Chosen Collection set there a couple of months back just in time for a friend's birthday. And reasonably priced at $140. As with CinV, I'm glad I got my own set squirreled away early - and it's emphatically not for lending. I kept the indiv season DVDs for that very reason.
I had to procure my Chosen Collection off of eBay. It was the only place I could find it. While bedridden after sugery, I watched the whole thing in 2 weeks...the last 2 seasons, I was sleeping 2 hours at a time and diving back in. Sad, really, in a really good way. LOL!
I've seen plenty of the sets, up here in Canada. Mostly, as rixen said, at FutureShop.
I dont know if this is still in effect or not, but I got my chosen collection of discount dvds and when I did, I entered a code BUFFY7, and got 15% off. I got mine for about 105 bucks!! So you are all welcome to try that code.

ETA: And I found the other code I had...USATODAY. That might work if BUFFY7 doesnt.

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Okay, even though all I'm really thinking of right now is the eventual Angel box set, I have to comment that my local Best Buy has had multiple copies of the Chosen Collection warming its shelves for months now. At least it did last time I thought to look, which certainly wasn't more than a couple of weeks ago. Sounds like this is a rarity in the rest of the world... maybe everyone needs to rush to Birmingham, Alabama and raid the stores while supplies last. *shrug*
There does seem to be the random national chain retail store that carry them (the aforementioned Costco, and I've seen threads on shopping sites like where people will post "There's The Chosen Collection" at such and such a Best Buy and others will reply that they're running over to grab up the stock, a la Haunt's idea. But my basis for judging that the set hasn't been in production for a while is the lack of stock at the websites for the national chains (,,, etc) or online-only stores (, DDD, etc), for many months.

After I missed the initial sales, I looked for the set as early as for Christmas and I noticed many places that were selling them stopped. It was very strange.

And we all know Canada's more enlightened, that's why they have plenty in stock. :-)

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You'd think someone would come up with a complete Angel Soulful collection, since Buffy's Chosen set has been that successful.
Hopefully, that will be coming.
It's in the works (or possibly already available in Europe?). Joss even released the letter to his fans that would be included with it. But that was a year ago... at least.
I tried to buy the Chosen boxset on ebay, but the seller turned out to be a fraud :( Right when I started to buy the separate season boxes instead, the boxset comes out again! What to do, what to do...
The Angel set's been available over here (UK) for ages (got mine last year). There's probably plans afoot to release a US one with a few (extra) extras though (just seems logical given the ready market).

Does anyone have both and if so, how does the Chosen set packaging compare to the Angel box (which I think is a very nice way to arrange things) ? Tempted to import it now it's available again (once my bloody mates stop getting married that is, do they think i've nothing better to spend my money on or something ? ;).
Sorry if the following question is something already gone over ad nauseum, but I was wondering what the difference was between the Chosen set and the individual season boxes. I bought mine as they came out until I had all seven. But I seem to remember something said (probably in The Black) about the Chosen set having some new/extra extras on (in?) it. (Why do I keep trying to post here when it's way past my bedtime? It never ends well. . . .)

And, while I'm at it, exposing my complete and utter ignorance, is there any difference between the original sets and the new slim sets? Or is it just a matter of the box being slimmer? I know the slimmer ones are significantly less expensive. I'd like to get copies, either as a complete set, like the Chosen one, or keep picking up the new slim sets until I have all seven. (I have this morbid fear I will actually wear out the individual DVDs. Or that one(s) I loan out will fail to return, so I must have backup copies. . . .)

I apologize for my abysmal ignorance. Please enlighten my unworthy self.
Yep, your sleep deprived memory isn't playing tricks Sangchaud, the Chosen set has a bonus disc with new content.

AFAIK the slimsets are just repackaged original season sets but if anyone knows different feel free to leap in.
Saje, you're a marvel, you are! As we say here, Mahalo (ta ever so)!

I knew if I kept putting off bedtime someone would help me out. (Do I sound like an eight-year-old or what?) I think I'll go check out my local Best Buy et al. tomorrow (today?!) and if that doesn't work I'll use your link or one of the others here and just get the Chosen set. I think you're right about the slimsets just being a repackaging of the original sets. But we'll wait & see if anyone chimes in and corrects us. Again, thanks!
Saje, you're a marvel

I long suspected Saje's superhero status. Glad to know you're not one of those lame DC characters. BTW, who's doing you? Pencils, I mean.
Pencils, I mean.

LOL. A lot. Thanks, jaynelovesvera!
Well, I suppose the 'mole on left cheek' as disguise was only gonna work for so long. Yes, I am in fact one of the Marvel family but sadly of the lame DC Marvels, Corporal Second-Cousin-First-Removed Marvel (we're the poorer side of the family so I couldn't afford a commission).

Brian Bolland does my pencils which means it can be a long time between splash pages but it's usually worth the wait ;).
Update: DDD says my order has shipped! 5-10 business day shipping (slow, but free)!

SangChaud, that is the main reason I am getting the Chosen Collection, for the bonus disc. I have Seasons 1-3 already, which will probably go out on "permanent loan" to friends/family that are not yet initiated to the ways of Joss. I could have gotten Seasons 4-7 for less than the Collection, but not much less, so I feel good about getting the Collection for the one disc I can't get with the individual sets.
Saje, OT (which is pretty much where I live; it's just north of St. Louis), but does the UK have a home-grown comic book industry? If not, you must feel like Buffy, burdened with being the only superhero your side of the pond.
Man, tell me about it. It's all anti-heroes over here and between that and keeping track of my mole it's really not easy being Marvel-lous.

(British comics, apart from indies and reprints, are basically for kids like the 'Beano', funny like 'Viz' or '2000 AD' like, well, '2000 AD' which has had loads of memorable characters over the years but is probably most famous for being the home of Judge Dredd. In my youth there were a bunch of war comics as well - which were usually actually barely disguised anti-war comics - but a lot of these seem to have fallen by the wayside)
...seem to have fallen by the wayside)

Saje, you missed your period. From the end of that sentence. here it is: "."
Cheers, we actually call them 'full stops' over here but there's not really a lot of comedy mileage in that. In fact, British punctuation is believed to be among the least hilarious in the civilised world.

BTW, you used a lowercase 'h' when you wanted a capital so here's one the Romans made earlier: 'H'. Sure it's not funny but good grammar is its own reward.
Thanks, I like that 'H' thingy. Reminds me of football goal posts. Of course, football here isn't the same as football there.
So much for it being a limited edition, then...

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