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August 15 2006

From Spike to Spock?? Yes, James Marsters has been "cast" as Mr. Spock in this fan re-imaging of Star Trek. The link will take you to his cast photos, but all fan-ficcers (esp. Browncoats) would do well to read the scripts. They are that good!

Seeing James as a Vulcan is "fascinating", but Gary Sinice as Dr. McCoy? Perfect!
Yeah, makes me wish they'd actually make the series. Check the scripts out and I can imagine Sinise being as good a McCoy as Deforest Kelley and I luvs me some De Kelley!
Hmmm, I think I could ship Spock/Chapel all over again.
That's pretty cool. James looks good as a Vulkon.
I love it and he looks great with the ears. Since James was a geek and wore Spock ears to conventions, I think it's appropriate that he was picked. :)
Didn't know that about James. Thanks for sharing. Also, there's another great shot of him on the sites homepage
Ah, fan casting. The kind of suggestions that only really happen in Stargate and Smallville. Hmm... :D
Malformed, James told about the wearing the ears on Rove when he was in Australia. He loved the character Spock, and he said this at the Halloween convention:

Who is your favourite Star Trek character and why?
(10-04 Halloween UK Event) Spock Spock Spock Spike Spock Spike Spock Spock! Spock was a character that they didn’t expect to break out, but they found out that through that character they could re-examine their theme or they could do a variation on it. The show seemed to be this very hopeful theme actually – that human kind would get over where we are now and come to a time where we could be spreading the best of ourselves. And how can we get to that place? And there was a character who could interestingly, we could ask what is it like to be human in the first place? And that really gave it ground, underneath, and it kept it from being too Pollyanna. It was just one of those things where you cook up a bunch of characters and one of them really, you say "hey!" you know I could really get my writing, I could really get my teeth into that guy over there’. In the hands of a very good actor, Leonard Nimoy, who turned into a very good director, very good. And yeah, I think Spike is a little bit the same way. He was able to take the theme and kind of expand it in a certain vein.

Quote thanks to Bookies database ""
Wow, James looks great as Spock! Sinise as McCoy is inspired too, but Flannery as Kirk? Dude, the guy was "Powder". Not in any lifetime that is mine, thanks.

Continuing in this vein, my picks for others might be:

Viveca Fox as Uhura (woman can act alright, and have you seen her bod lately? Great thighs like Nichelle)
Nathan as Kirk. That's just oh so right.
That "Pancakes House" guy from Fargo as Chekov (Yeah he's older, but I love the actor, and his Russian accent is great)
Jet Li as Sulu. Has to happen. I know he isn't Japanese, but can you name a better likeness and/or candidate?

Want to do more, but can't think of anyone else at the moment.

Hee, that was fun!

*Edited because there's no 'h' in THIS Chekov.*

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As a Trekkie from itsy-bitsy childhood, I've got to say this warms the cockles of my heart, big-time. Spock and McCoy were my absolute ST:TOS faves, so the prospect of enjoying JM and GS (two of the finest contemporary actors out there -- and GS as McCoy? Inspired!) going at it old-school on board the Enterprise once again pleases me no end. (But where's Scotty? Somebody's got to keep the ship from falling apart at warp 9!)

Damn it, Jim, this is the show that wouldn't die -- I can't wait to dive into these scripts. Many thanks for the link!
Wiseblood, you're right. Scotty must not be ignored. He has to be just a tad out of shape, rocks the accent, pays tribute to Doohan, and not TOO good-looking. Who do you think?

*crosses fingers* (please don't say Ewan MacGregor)... :)

Howz about Brendan Gleeson? Being an Irishman, would he even play a Scot? He'd be perfect!

[ edited by Willowy on 2006-08-16 08:23 ]
I think Gregor Fisher is the only choice to play Scotty, but that's probably just me.
I would kill to see Eliza as Klingon.
Gotta say it. James looks perfect as Spock. But I didn't care for Flannery as Kirk. I like Willowy's ideas re Viveca Fox and Jet Li as Uhuru and Sulu respectively. Nathan would make a better Kirk. But--I'd kinda like to see JM as Kirk. He should, after all, get all the girls. (Of course, I'm totally obsessed biased when it comes to JM ;^}) And Nathan would be fabulous as Spock. But I'd settle for the other way around (both, after all, are fantastic actors and could do a lot with either rôle), as long as we really could have both of them back in our living rooms on a regular basis!

Oh, and Sinise as McCoy is inspired. Indeed it is.
Whit's this ? "She cannae tak any more Cap'n" ? Am no callin naebidy Cap'n, dya ken byraway ? Cap'n ma sair erse. Mon Jamesie, wir away ferra swally. Bloody cheek an did ye see yon idjets phizzer ? Green, nam no kiddin byraway. Naeree'n menshin his ears...

With profound apologies to Rab C and Gregor Fisher (and basically everyone else back home ;). Sure, dashboardprophet, Fisher could play Scotty but I can't help but feel that his accurate Scottish accent might be a problem. Paul McGillion from 'Stargate: Atlantis' could do it. His accent (despite him being born in Paisley) is just bad enough to be perfect.

I dunno about Nathan playing Spock, he's more a Kirk type I reckon. Part of NF's charm as an actor is the little inflections he puts on lines and his facial expressions. If he was limited to a raised eyebrow, non-expansive gestures and a fairly monotonal voice we'd lose that (though I don't doubt he could do it).
Fisher could play Scotty but I can't help but feel that his accurate Scottish accent might be a problem.

True, but it would be funny. Perhaps they could use sub-titles. Gregor Fisher is a Scottish national treasure (well, he is in my head, anyway).
Cap'n ma sair erse. Mon Jamesie, wir away ferra swally. Bloody cheek an did ye see yon idjets phizzer ?

Oh, Saje. ROTFLMAO. Do you have any idea the effect of the above on my poor, sleep-deprived brain? Actually, you just provided the perfect end to a really crappy day. You have my heartfelt thanks. I can now go to bed with a song in my heart and a quote circling endlessly through my fried brain. And I'll grant you Nathan would make a fab Cap'n. But I really can see him doing great things with a part like Spock. And I just can't let go of James (don't I wish!!!) as Kirk. Just my little obsession idiosyncrasy where JM is concerned.

SangChaud...I am with you there on the JM as Kirk too. After have to admit that James T. Kirk was one SEXY for JM that would be a no-brainer and a perfect fit. I can just see him giving that 'head tilt' and melting all the girl's(alien and human) hearts...sigh.
BUT...I DO have to admit that James looks awfully good as Spock. Gary Sinuise as Mc Coy....oh perfect too.
I can't think of anyone for Scotty though...well what about the guy who played on Cheers?
I can't remember his name though...I think he played the mailman guy. Sorry I am having a brain fart here...
Make that two brain farts and a mental hiccup, 'cause I can't think of his name, either. Tho' the character's name was Cliff Claven (sp?). And yeah, the head tilt. Sigh. Every female in the known galaxies and on all the moons of Barsoom would give it up for that!
Since James was a geek and wore Spock ears to conventions . .

And he remains a geek at heart.

It was so funny to see him make a beeline to a con-goer with a 'working' light saber last year at SFX in Toronto.

And of course, he had to ask to have a go, and did a quite impressive Luke Skywalker imitation!
Yeah, that would bring me back as a Trekkie, again.
So far Scotty is mentioned in the scripts, but we've not actually seen him - which is an interesting choice, but keep in mind that only the first 4 scripts of the season are available.

As far as SPF as Kirk, I'v enever seen him act. No doubt NF could pull it off though. What a trio that would make, Nathan, James and Gary!

The only problem I'd foresee is that everytime I'd see Nathan as Kirk it could make me pine for more Firefly.

Simon, what about DB as a Romulan??? Now that's be the juice!
James as a Vulcan and David as a Romulan? I can see slash writers saying "Pon farr! Do the dance of joy!."
Ohh, the pics. of James and David both creep me out. " shudder."
About a gazillion years ago, give or take, at a high school cast party, a couple of friends and I spent a good two hours discussing Mr. Spock's first name. We eventually agreed that it was Ulysses Spike Spock. Forshadowy goodness...
Can't think of a good Scotty off the top of my head, even after a good night's sleep. I'm sure there's someone out there who's perfect that I'm just not picturing yet. He's essential to the crew dynamic, though, because without him who'll Dr. McCoy drink Saurian brandy with late at night?

I'm actually liking the idea of DB as a Romulan instead of a Vulcan, because then he could be both icy and passionately intense by turns. Remember those moments in Angel when his eyes went all slitty with fury. He had an edge like a blade that was scary hot. And what about ED as a female Romulan commander? Just the thought of her in ruthless war mode with those cute little eartips peeping through her long, dark locks brings on the tingles. And imagine her and DB together against our Enterprise heroes ... well, it practically writes itself.

And also, major ups to NF-as-Kirk. I'm liking that visual. A lot. :)
Although cute, I really can't see James as Spock. He excels at portraying complicated emotions and sexiness. Much more Kirk than Spock. Plus all those fight scenes. The more I think about it James would be a better Kirk than Shatner. And I was a huge fan.
Wiseblood you've got me all a-tingle. But hey Sass - how do you guys arrive at "Ulysses Spike"? What's the logic behind it??

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