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August 15 2006

The Signal wins People's Choice Podcast Award for best podcast in the category of Movies and Film. Shiny! The listing is about 2/3 of the way down the page, on the right-hand column.

The Signal was also nominated in the category of Best Produced, but it looks like the winner in that category won't be announced until the Podcast Expo on Sept 29th.

ETA: Put in proper category


Go Browncoats!!!!
I hope they win best produced as well. I don't listen to their competition, but the Signal has been impressing and entertaining me for just over a year, now. Hooray, The Signal! Woot!
On behalf of the entire Signal crew I want to say thank you to all the Browncoats who voted for us and made this possible.

One of the primary objectives of both 'The Signal' and 'Firefly Talk' is to help keep Firefly in the public eye as much as possible. An award like this helps us all move towards our goal of seeing "Serenity II" go into production as soon as possible!

Thanks again,

No Kevin, THANK YOU! I love the Signal (and ScaperCast too!)You guys work so hard & put out such a great show. Voting is the least I could do.
Thanks gingeriffic!

For those Browncoat Scapers who are interested here is the correct link for The ScapeCast.

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