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August 16 2006

(SPOILER) Doug Petrie joins CSI writing staff. According to TV Guide's Mike Ausiello, the former Buffy writer has been "given what my source calls "a very free hand" to bring a wilder take to the storytelling" (as usual Mike's column contains spoilers for umpteen US shows such as more info about Amber Benson's role in Supernatural).

This is really high profile stuff. Doug's done amazing well here, congrats to him.

I have loved Doug Petrie since he blew me away with his amazing talent with "Enemies". Glad to see him get this.
Good for him. I liked his Buffy Season 3 work the best and he gave us that great monologue in 'In The Dark'.
The original CSI is my least favorite, but I will deffinatly try and catch Doug's eps. He has such an incrediable sense of drama.
How can the man responsible for "Fool for Love" not go far. Congrats to Doug.

And down there in the page more details about Amber's role in Supernatural, including the name of the episode where she'll appear, which according to Spoilerfix, is the 3rd episode of the new season. Also from Michael's description of the role, it really sound like that it could be a multiple episode deal.
Congratulations Doug!
Also in the entry about Doug writing for CSI, there's a link to a YouTube video. It's the Buffy Credits (Season 6 I believe) with The Facts of Life theme as the music. It's a little eerie how well the two go together.
This is exciting news to me; I find CSI one of the most intriguing shows on TV, and Petrie will have much to play with: the burgeoning and just revealed romance between Grisson and Sara Sidle; Katerhine Willows bad taste in men and her problems with her daughter; Jim Brass's far worse problems with his daughter; Warrick's gambling addicition (in check right now) and his bad bride Tina; Nick Stokes problems with finding the right woman and his drive to succeed; and simply handling Greg Sanders and his wackiness. And if Petrie gets to write a Lady Heather episode (after all, Melinda Clarke ought to be free to do it now), watch out! This is another show that sets up events years in advance, like Buffy did...
somewhat OT, but follow the link to the YouTube vid... apple juice just came out of my nose!

<--- wondering how that synched up so perfectly
Could anyone give me a direct link to the YouTube video, please? For some reason I can get the Ask Ausiello page up but it won't let me click on any links from there.
Here you go, Razor. It's called "The Facts Of Buffy" & it's oddly pleasing, heavy on the irony.

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