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August 16 2006

Winner of the Serenity pilot script posts details including a physical description and all of Adam's notes.

Wow! Pretty shiny. Gotta go see where "Bushwhacked" is at. Last time I looked, it was at $650.

Can't wait to see what "Jaynestown" will go for!
The Ariel Ambulance Rescue Group (AARG) are raising funds towards a winning bid of Adam Baldwin's script for the episode 'Ariel', which would then tour with the ambulance to various 'cons and such.

If AARG is outbid, the funds will go towards the Ariel Ambulance restoration and transportation.

Also, I think it bears repeating that Adam is parting with what must be cherished mementos to assist the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation which provides scholarships to the children of heros who have fallen in the line of duty.
I think this is really cool. It's great that someone is sharing this with us, even though they won the auction. And so kind of Adam to put such prized possessions up for auction so he can raise money for charity. I only wish I was much richer and could afford to bid.
Just checked out the charity involved and noticed the article below. I wasn't aware of this charity at all, but seeing that they are reaching North of the border I'll do my part with a donation (I'm a Canadian eh).... sadly the funds are lacking for a bid on pretty scripts n such. Thanks to Adam B. and all involved for giving this worthwhile charity some exposure.

Foundation Reaches North to Aid Canadian Family
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The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, with the assistance of Canadian military officials, established specific trust accounts at Scotia Bank for the two sons of Captain Derek R. Nichols of the Canadian Air Force. (entire article on
Yay Adam, for donating these treasures to support a great charity! Yay California Browncoats, for making it possible for these auctions to take place! Yay Doncoat, for sharing the treasure with us all -- so totally shiny! :-)

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