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August 16 2006

Preliminary Season 8 Buffy Art. Georges Jeanty's site is updated with a "Buffy section" and a sample of what Buffy will likely look like.

Thanks! I like her! Part of me likes her and part of me doesn't, but I like her for the most part. Hopefully there is a little improovement.
I like it. She reminds me of how he drew Rogue in the Gambit issue.

Can't wait to see Xander.
Has it been confirmed anywhere that Joss himself is going to be writing a few of these?
Yes. The first four. He'll supervise the rest, and hopefully get some ME writers to pen a few.

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Meh. Not blown away, but it's not definite it will look like that. But the fact that Joss is in charge of the story will make up for a lot in the art. For me, anyway.
am i the only one who noticed the error filled first paragraph?
I don't know, she looks kind of...odd. Strange facial and head proportions. I would presume, though, that is just a rough first pass. I'm still jazzed about it.

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She looks exactly like the actress in David Boreanaz's movie 'These Girls'.
Wouldn't the Slayer wear more sensible shoes?
Only if they're stylish...and affordable.
Well, at the start of S7, I thought that Buffy's cloths weren't sensible ;) I don't like the collering, mostly Buffy's blue eyes and the paper-white shirt. I like the cover alot more.
Wouldn't the Slayer wear more sensible shoes?

You're talking about the same girl that wore heels to a fight. Compared to those, these look downright practical.

Heh @ escapist_dream.
I like. He's captured Buffy's attitude perfectly. Can't wait to see more.
What's she doing with her finger ? I'm wondering if she maybe had even more 'attitude' until the upright finger was moved to index instead of middle ;).

I think it's not at all bad. To the doubters i'd say wait until you see it in context. And I think her shoes are fine. Hard soled for kicking, no heels to impair mobility and black so they go with anything.

(the actual article is pretty much filled with wrong from start to finish though e.g. not 7 years on WB, Angel wasn't on UPN, S8 doesn't - from what i've read - pick up straight after the series ends but rather a few months later and though technically accurate the wording about the series finale implies it was a cliff-hanger with the Scoobs left teetering on the brink of the hell-mouth which it kinda wasn't)
Facial proportions could use a bit of work.

I'm saying this however when my personal best effort of drawing Buffy is a stick figure with a stake.
Me likey. Really looks like Buffy to me.

But for the naysayers, if I read the date on the drawing correctly, it's from April, so definitely an early try.

And I'll bet you we'll either get Laura Martin or Dave Stewart on colors for the actual comics.
Saje: "What's she doing with her finger ? I'm wondering if she maybe had even more 'attitude' until the upright finger was moved to index instead of middle ;)."

I was scrolling down the page here and saw only the first line of this comment, "What's she doing with her finger?" and thought, "Oh, that must be Saje," -- who else would mention what I, of course, noticed & thought & snickered about, but was muuch too lady-like to mention?

Okay, you Brits-in-a-far-away-time-zone, this sleepy-time zone is packing it in...
Yeah, I gave up being lady-like about 7 weeks into gestation thanks to the old 'crazy Y'. Very liberating (no need to pretend I don't fart for example ;).
Saje is a girl? This is like the time Ms Gossi thought One True B!x was a girl for the past year, and found out otherwise.

I declare Whedonesque to be the most gender neutral website I use. Uhm, yay.
Cool picture, but her eyes look a little too big.
Saje is a girl?

I dunno, one comment about shoes and all my guy cred goes whooshing down the toilet. This must be why women pretend not to understand the off-side rule.
I don't know jack about jack when it comes to comics, but me likey. This first pass at the art has personality in spades. I heart S8 already and can't wait to check it.

ETA: I have no idea what's up with all that CardShark speak above.

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Looks good to me especially for a start/early drawing.
I don't understand the off side rule. But people totally think I'm a girl all the time anyway (mostly, online).
Wouldn't the slayer wear more stylish shoes?
I'm in the 'prefer the cover' camp. I love that but really not much with the love for this new pic. Ans this season 8 is going to be my first (and probably only) foray into the comic worold so I don't want to be distracted by all the characters looking like those especially rubbish collectibles we see every now and then.

And re: the shoes - agreed, but a stiletto in the right place during a fight may have it's advantages. It always bothered me more that they always had their hair all over the place when they were slaying. As if a eyeful of hair wouldn't put you off your roundhouse? It's called a hairband, slayers!
I quite like the style. It's not great, but I reserve proper judgement until I see it in the context of an actual comic page. It'll look a lot better when it's in amongst a world drawn the same way.

And hey, maybe SMG didn't actually look much like Buffy either, and we just had no way of knowing.


Team A is defending, Team B is attacking. If there are no outfield players on Team A between the Team A goal and an attacking player of Team B, then when the ball is passed to the attacking Team B player, he will be deemed offside. A free kick is then taken from the position he was in.

This is to stop attackers just camping up near the opposing teams goal for the entire match.

The left-most red player is in an offside position in that diagram.
That was the best explanation of the off-sides rule I've ever read.
Unless the Team B player who receives the pass is behind the Team B player who plays the pass, but still ahead of any Team A defenders. Then it's not off-side.

Space Monkey: making simple explanations complicated again since 2511. ;-)
I've never thought gossi was a girl.
I've never thought gossi was a girl.

Me neither.
Unless the Team B player who receives the pass is behind the Team B player who plays the pass, but still ahead of any Team A defenders. Then it's not off-side.

Or the attacking Team B player is in his/her own half when they recieve the ball. Or the ball comes to him/her from a throw-in. Or a corner. Or directly from a goal kick. Or (nowadays) he/she is deemed to not be interfering with play which then continues without their involvement (though as Brian Clough/Alf Ramsey/Bill Shankley/some other legendary manager said "If you're not interfering with play then what are you doing on the pitch ?"). All not off-side either.

(Space Monkey 2: Monk Harder - helping make slightly less simple explanations even more complicated since about 9:23 pm. While being a man ;)

For those not in the know, BTW, it's par for the course for comics covers to feature better/more detailed (often painted) art than internal pages for the simple reason that there's only one cover so the artist can take much more time over it. If the same artist drew the inside it'd take much, much longer to produce (see Brian Bolland and 'The Killing Joke' as an example where 48 pages reputedly took something like two and a half years to draw).
No way would B sport that limp dishrag hairdo. I think her clothes are in character though...

And no way (again) is Saje a girl. Don't tell me you never noticed the manly muy macho way he types?

I'm actually bashing the keys with a rock since mere fingers just seemed too soft (and driving a Humvee into each individual key felt like overkill).

Still undecided whether to use my other hand to hunt mammoths, scratch my arse or poke a fire with a big stick.

Alright, now can anyone explain slugging percentage in baseball WITHOUT looking it up? Now that would be impressive.

ETA: I used to be able to spell, I promise.

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*I* like it, a lot. so much so, in fact, that I've created the usual desktop/wallpaper for y'all (well, for me, actually, but I'm sharing), should you so desire, at:

I am SO looking forward to S8...
Man, this sucks. The sneak cover art looked great, but this looks like my 10-year old niece drew it. I can tell you this much - if that primitive drawing style is what the book's going to look like, many many avid Buffy fans are gonna hate them.
not to be too contrary, doctor.card, but this is comic book art, which is to say, "not photorealistic". I've been a card-carrying comic geek for forty-odd, now, and I think Jeanty done good--he got SMG's bodyshape, facial attitude, and humor *beautifully*.

no, it doesn't look exactly like Buffy on your TV screen--but it's REALLY good shorthand, which is in the end what comics are. (see Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics" for a far better definition.)

can't wait!!!
REALLY like the COVER!
Is looking great. And IMHO it's really kinda lookalike to Sarah Michelle Gellar!

However I am so curious about the whole Storyline.

Really hoping that Joss is maybe able to use his idea for granting Buffy an life-altering wish and using it to bring back TARA!

Of course, to many Canadians, the offside rule means that a member of the offensive team skated across the blueline ahead of the puck ;-).

Back on topic, I also liked the cover better but am willing to wait and see what the comics look like. After all, the first ones, at least, are being written by Joss and that's what really counts for me. And, yes, I did notice her finger, since Saje brought it up.

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