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August 16 2006

SSC Firefly Episode Trailer Contest. This fan contest is hosted by and part of the Summer of Serenity Campaign. Participants are asked to make trailers (not fanvids) of Firefly episodes. Deadline Aug 31st. "The purpose would be to tell enough of the story to intrigue someone unfamiliar with FF so they would rent and/or buy the DVDs. " -Hera.

It should be noted that there are a few preliminary entries found on this thread & two such videos are posted on youtube Here and Here 2.

Apparently the winners(in various categories) will be posted on youtube and be linked to what will be a fan created firefly myspace page. As said in the second thread it seems the winner will get a cool trophy too. Check out the threads for more details. Since I do not have the vid making skills I wont participate but I can't wait to see the results.

I've never seen the original trailers that Fox brought out but they could hardly be worse than this one.
Wow! All aboard! Awesome. From Firefly to the "Funny Outerspace Burglar Express" in just 20 seconds. Fine. Now I'm gonna have that travesty stuck in my head as I fall asleep...
Anyone else have trouble getting onto

I've been getting "You are not authorized to view this page" for the homepage as well as specific links for ages now. Thought the site was down, actually, but if there's linkey and contests, I guess not.
Simon, That sounds like the announcer guy in the trailer you linked to a day or two ago for the Seinfeld movie.
Whew. That *is* a bad trailer.
I look forward to seeing these though.
Well considering the discussion the other day of the fan Serenity Trailer, it raised some interesting points. For example in these trailers the music is from the series itself, and although people so far haven't attempted to use an annoucer voiceover, the ydid use the dialogue of the characters, which I though was quite nice. And although its for firefly episodes, not a movie, so one can be a bit spoilery.

Oh and the trophy will be a serenity model mounted on a base, which is uber shiny.

And, I just saw that trailer that simon put up, as I typed this. My god that is bad. It's not even that funny(except for that last bit). So that should be an example of how to make a bad trailer.
Okay, I'd love to participate but how the heck do you pull the clips w/sound off of the DVD?

I can do motion and screencaps via SnapsPro - but what about the sound?

I'd appreciate any pointers.

Also, I found another youtube trailer Here and the original teasers Simon was talking about are here

In terms of how to rip sound etc, there is much information on the main link posted, like in the first post of that thread. They link to a post with links to various tutorials here .

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