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August 17 2006

The Facts of Buffy. Buffy opening with The Facts Of Life theme song (YouTube video).

Was bored, and it amused me. If anyone wants to delete, feel free.
I found that much more amusing than I ever thought I would. I mean, it's exactly what it says it is, but still...

I also watched a Buffy Season 8 credits list, and while it itself was fine, what's with the Season 8 credits and the million shots from Chosen? I love Chosen, as well as season 7 of BtVS in general, but I'd like one with clips from all the "previous" seven seasons. Someone should do that.
I assume you didn't make it, just linking it?
It was mentioned in that Ausiello column yesterday. Seeing as this now the longest period in Whedonesque history in the terms of no real Joss news (a Joss interview! My kingdom for a Joss interview!) and summer is traditionally the silly season, it might as well stay. But we're not going to be linking to YouTube willy nilly.
Joss so needs to get new work out there...
Wow. That was so simple but so funny. I really don't know why, but it was.
Let's have a Joss interview right here! All those questions we would like to ask Joss but would be too knees-knocking, voice wavering, heart palpitatingly excited to do so.
HA HA HA HA HA HA...cute, some people have lots of time on their hands...keep up the good work. What would you put for Angel? Different Strokes?
Thanks a bunch! Now I can't get that stupid song out of my head!
That was fun. :-D I always wanted to do an Angel Investigations/Wolfram & Hart video to the Law&Order theme. Or Buffy season one credits to Saved by the Bell.

In the interest of silliness, here is the link to a little one I did a long time ago pairing Buffy with the theme song from the 80's cartoon "Jem and the Holograms" (hope that's okay?).
That's even stranger than singing the lyrics of Amazing Grace to the theme music from "Gilligan's Island."
Oh. My. God. IMForeman, how I hate you for that. :>
My poor brain may never recover from this jjuxtaposition. :b
You are such a boob. (.)(.) <.><.>(@)(@)
Sorry, Quotergal. If it helps any, it doesn't really work past the second stanza the other way round.

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