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"Emma? Honey...? War?"
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August 17 2006

Buffy makes Slither director's top 25 tv characters. Straight in at number 10.

Hah. #1 is his wife. And yes, she is lovely. And yes, I'm THAT letchy.
Gotta love the man's Deadwood love, too.

Oh, and btw? Slither rules.
But his brother at #16?
Yeah for # 12. Maxwell Smart was a great character in a very funny show.
Always feel like the strange foreigner in the room when I profess my admiration for the brilliantly written and acted Reverend Jim. ("What do you do when you come to a yellow light?") Here, here, sir. I'm with ya.
Interesting list. I hadn't realized that Sean Gunn and James Gunn were brothers! I've been watching Sean Gunn in Gilmore Girls for years and recognized him right away in the two episodes of Angel he was in when I started watching that two years ago. According to IMDB - and we all know how accurate that can be ;-) - Joss named Gunn's character in AtS after the Gunn brothers.
He has Omar on there? Awesome.
Don't know some of these characters but I mostly agree with him (where's Greg House, M.D. though ? Surely destined to become a modern classic TV character. And i'd put Buffy a bit higher). Seems like there's loads from recent TV but then he has just sat down and thought them up off the top of his head so that's understandable.

Also, he must've seen a post-modern remake of 'Prime Suspect' wherein (fictional) Jane Tennison plays (real) Helen Mirren who's playing (fictional) Jane Tennison. Actually that's wacky enough to be cool.

(or he may just have swapped the actor and character names by accident. Shyeah right. Asif)

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This guy is obvioulsy very young.

Way too skewed not only to the new century, but the new decade.

Not meant as a snark at the author, just can't believe that pretty much all the best TV characters came to be in the last few years.

Way too skewed not only to the new century, but the new decade.

Don't mean to be snarky, but aren't those functionally the same? For the next few years at least. :)
Kind of my point KernelM. That everything before got the shortest of shrift.

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