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August 17 2006

New Buffy Line: Drusilla, Oz and Robin Wood. Diamond Select Toys next action figure line includes Drusilla, Oz, and Robin Wood.

The core figures for the line are Doppelgangland Oz, Surprise Drusilla and the limited School Hard Drusilla.

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Is it just me or is anyone else flabbergasted that a minor minor guest character like Wood is made into an action figure before Gunn?

Did JAR refuse or something? Or is it a Buffy Versus Angel thing?

I just don't get it.
I was also surprised about Wood. I was hoping for a Harmony, hopefully the next Angel line will be Gunn/Harmony.
This is the Buffy series, so we may see Gunn in the next Angel wave - hopefully!
I think it's a Buffy versus Angel thing unfortunately.
Harmony would have been a great choice too now that I think about it. And she was on both Buffy and Angel.

I think I would buy Nikki Wood before Robin Wood. At least she was a slayer.
Ick on Wood.

I WANT Gunn too.

Would it not be cool to have a slayer/watcher 2pack. Maybe a Buffy/Giles from Helpless and a Faith/Wes one from Orpheus. Now I would buy those!
Hah, when I first clicked the link I thought 'Jeez, those are the best likenesses i've ever seen'. Then I realised they're photos and i'm actually just the silliest arse in the entire world history of silly arses. Ho hum.

I dunno. Wood was at the final battle and featured fairly prominantly in S7. Nikki on the other hand appears for something like 5 minutes in total (and some of that time was shared with Robin). I reckon he rates a doll (though probably not ahead of Harmony in fairness).

Gunn should definitely be in the next Angel set though, pretty big oversight that (i'm sure I remember a JAR interview - possibly at a con in Blackpool ? - where he was talking about how cool it'd be to have an action figure so I don't think he'd refuse).
Saje I had a silly arse moment as well with the photo. We live in hope I guess.

Haven't they already got a Kennedy figure going as well?

I guess it must be because poor Gunn is on Angel. But seriously. Time for Gunn.
I always appreciate when they add a supporting character to the roster and usually ignore the eleventy zillion versions of the main characters, so I'm not totally unhappy re Robin Wood, or Kennedy, or Kendra. But if they don't release a Mayor figure someday, I will definitely cry. Actually, a Jenny figure would be nice as well. And an Ethan figure, and and and...

It's too bad they can't just replicate the Star Wars strategy of releasing every single possible minor character that ever appeared. I would totally love an Uncle Enyos action figure.
Seriously, Andrew was a bigger character than Wood.

Do they not find it important to have VILLAINS for my characters to fight? Honestly. Do a line of big bads.

...and the trio. A minor bad. I honestly cant see why, if they wanted a less huge character, they wouldnt throw the fans a bone and do Jonathan. Or, if they wanted a season 7 guy, Andrew. And, hello, villain... Warren.

Am I just talking in circles?

Geek trio playset, plz. Complete with booby traps.
Nikki should have her own action figure, dammit. She's the Slayer that won't cop out when there's danger all about. They say this Slayer is a bad mother--


But I'm just talkin' 'bout Nikki!


(Okay, so I'm not 100% objective about Nikki, but I don't care. She's the baddest Slayer on the block and she should get her own action figure. Nyah!)
Before I look and end up wanting to smash my screen (hey Saje, got a spare rock?), will you guys tell me if these are those horrid "ball-joint" line?
^^ Nope it's the regular 6 inch line.
I really want to see an action figure of The First. Buffy meets Transformers!
Not that I'm dying for a Riley figure, but it seems strange that they'd do a Wood figure before Captain Cardboard, who was actually a regular. And yes, Andrew also had much more screentime than Wood, and I'm pretty sure Jonathan did as well, and I'd love a nerd trio. But Wood? If they're to do a late-season recurring character, how about a Clem figure?

Actually, if they were to do any Sunnydale High principal, I'd love a Snyder. Put him side by side with a Quark figure from Star Trek: Deep Space 9 for an Armin Shimerman-palooza...
OMG! Snyder!

Maybe its because Wood is built like an actual action figure so they can just put a different head on He-man or something.

Okay, I know I'm being silly.
Thanks, hitnrun.

I also think it would be smart to package the trio together. Completists would cream over that one. I'd probably even get it, much as I loathe Andrew.

Also think a three-pack is in order for the principals. Flutie, Snyder, and Wood. How cool! And while we're at it, how about some neato villains like Sunday, The Gorches, and Jack the oh-so-fresh zombie from The Zeppo.

Nobody's still reading this thread, I know, but I did hear that the Cheese Man is in the works.

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