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August 17 2006

Drive pilot episode reviewed. Drive Blog (which covers Tim Minear's new show - currently on the front page of Blogger as their blog of the day), reviews Drive's pilot script. "With seventeen characters and the mythology of the premise all needing to be established the script doesn’t waste anytime and by the end of the episode not only are we aware of the race and its rules and trappings, but each character is also given a moment to shine"

Thanks Gossi, I can't wait. I've been so looking forward to this.

I'm really looking forward to this as well. My brain is rotting without a Minear show on the air!
Hoooray! I can't wait. :)
Every little tidbit I hear about Drive makes me more excited.
Does anyone know when this show is hopefully going to air? Thanks.
Who could resist another cancelled show from Tim Minear! (c:
I'm still frustrated at them dragging their feet putting out The Inside DVD...
How long is the pilot? An hour or two hours?
No idea but if Minear and Queen manage to introduce 17 characters and the show premise effectively in a one hour pilot they'll have pulled off a writing coup par excellence, IMO. Not saying they couldn't do it but a cast of that size sounds like 2 hours would do it more justice.

(Firefly only had 9 characters and, to me, definitely needed the double length pilot to give a good sense of them all AND include some kind of story)
It's an hour - but very fast paced.

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Wow, then i'm ready to be impressed if they can pull it off.

Or maybe they'll just go down the 'Lost' route and introduce a few main characters properly in the pilot with sketches of the rest to be filled in on later episodes ?

Either way, really looking forward to it.
There's plenty of time in an hour to get the very basics down, and hopefully at least 13 episodes to flesh them out.
I'm so depressed... I misread the link as saying, "Drive pilot *renewed*," which I took to mean it was officially picked up for the season or something.

Sure, I'm comforted by knowing that Tim is brilliant, but how is that news? ;-P
Still not excited by the premise of the show itself (A race? Nah, thanks). Then again, it is Tim who's doing this, so I'm holding out hope. I'm still in a 'see it first, get excited second' state about this one though.
GVH, I don't think Tim's in to car races either. Well, not car race movies anyway.
I think Tim's more into the potential for character-killing car crashes. :-)
Polter-Cow's review is also now up here.
Just wanted to add that at Worldcon Minear said that in two weeks, we'd know if it'd been picked up or not, most likely as a midseason replacement for Fox (although of course, that will also depend on how many of their shows will need replacing by then).

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