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August 17 2006

The Buffy Summers Bridge? Buffy Summers is included in an online contest to name a new bridge in Hungary.

Buffy is among over 500 nominated names, and has received 0 votes to date. The top 3 names will be among those considered by a government committee. As a forewarning, the website is slow to load, so voting will take some persistence.

Colbert is also trying to get his name on this bridge, as well as the mascot for a minor league hockey team.
That bridge is going to Colbert. End of story.
Yep, that's Stephen's bridge. =)
As much as I'd love a Buffy bridge, I gotta vote for Colbert. :)
Hungary is really in need of some truthiness and I don't know if buffy summers could bring that. Plus if he won, I would love the amount of news coverage he would get. The more colbert the better.
Voted for Colbert. The Revolution lives.
I hated seeing that "0" out beside her name, so I voted for Buffy. Alas, it's still showing "0". Oh well.
Colbert/Stewart '08... but until then, a bridge is fine.
I just think this is making a mockery of Hungary, wouldn't vote if you paid me.
Well, maybe a bit but the blurb (presumably written by someone who understands Hungarian ?) does say "The top 3 names will be among those considered by a government committee" (my emphasis). Presumably the ones that don't meet spec. will just be chucked out so it's not like Hungary has to go along with what we dictate (sorry Colbert fans ;).

It'll probably be a bit annoying for the organisers to have to pull out the 'joke' entries though so I accept the point (even if anyone throwing a vote open to the great unwashed internet masses should expect a certain amount of irreverant piss-taking - it's quite possible for instance that a lot of the Hungarian names are also of undeserving celebrities, fictional characters etc. it's just that Buffy Summers, Stephen Colbert and Chuck Norris stand out to our Anglo eyes).

(it's broken anyway since it reports 0 when Buffy has at least one vote that I know of ;)

Already voted for 'Colbert Hid' since I couldn't figure out how to do a write-in for either 'Serenity Hid' or 'Browncoat Hid' (mentally add Colbert's exaggerated pronunciation of 'hid').

Simon, honestly, if the Hungarian government didn't know to expect this when they decided to let people write in their own suggestions, they really have no business putting stuff on the Internet. It was inevitable, and I'm for joining the fun.
At this rate this is going to become one of the most well known bridges in the world, regardless of its eventual name (and I'm afraid Stephen gets my vote too).
Actually, I think it's making a mockery of Stephen Colbert.

But Stephen Colbert is quite comfortable being mocked. Except by Geraldo Rivera, of course.
I was in Budapest briefly last year, and I noticed this annoying thing where a lot of the restaurants and shops had names that were in English, but not really. There's probably a word for this - where words in a foreign language are just strung together randomly or because they sound cool to the locals - but I don't know the word. Anyway, if they're so lackadaisical about naming things, it serves them right if they end up with a bridge named "Eric Cartman."
No, I don't speak Hungarian. I read about the details in a few news articles such as here and here. I originally heard about it from the Colbert Report and also through a friend of mine who is in Hungary at the moment.

Considering my hometown still displays a prominent statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest in a park dedicated to him, it seems like there are worse ways to decide whom to name a structure after. The Hungarian government does get to just toss the winning names if it wants. I suspect they'd pick a name relevant to Hungarian history anyway.

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