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August 18 2006

'Bones' Season 1 R1 DVD officially announced for November 28th. It will be a four disk set with commentary by David on one episode at the very least. A full list of extras are included. In related news, the 'How I Met Your Mother' Season 1 R1 DVD will come out on November 21st and will be a three disk set. Alyson is doing three commentaries.

Participants for the other commentary is still unknown, so David might be on that one as well.


Bones has been bounced to a November 28 release

I am very excited about this. I hope it includes the blooper reel.
Seeing as the Bones and How I Met Your Mother DVD announcements are of very similar nature, I've merged your two blog entries to save some space on the front page.
While it's great to see these announced, I can't help but be disappointed in Bones being DVD18, especially after all the problems that there has been with them.
Trying not to be hurt that AH never did any Buffy commentaries...
I haven't had a lot of trouble with DVD18 (though I understand the failure rate at manufacturing is 2x that of DVD9, and somehow [mathematically?] that seems appropriate ;)), but I still don't like them as the entire disc is one big shiny pile of waiting-to-be-scratched-ness.

ETA - for those what don't know, as Mal might say, DVD18 is dual-sided & dual-layer, DVD9 is single-sided & dual-layer.
Unfortunately I don't see any mention of a gag reel in the extras for Bones.I also agree about the flipper disks.What's up with that? Universal is known for doing that with their T.V. shows and it causes major complaints from DVD consumers.This is the first time I've seen FOX do it though.I wonder if FOX is just getting cheap.Between this and what FOX has been doing with their movie releases the last year or so in region 1,they are really dropping down in the consumer affairs department.


The Bones DVDs are DVD-14's,not DVD-18's


DVD-14 is an oddball format that doesn't really exist anymore, but was used for a short period of time back in late 1990s and in early years of new millennium when manufacturing of DVD-18 discs was complicated and expensive.

DVD-14 is a two-sided DVD disc that has one side which contains single layer of data and one side which contains two layers of data. In easier terms, the other side of the disc is DVD-5 and the other side of the disc is DVD-9.

DVD-14 disc can hold upto 12.33 gigabytes of data.

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A D.B. show without a gag reel? Why, that's like Angel without a season 6! Don't do it to us, Fox !!!
gingeriffic, you shouldn't be. I would have loved it if people like Sarah Michelle Gellar or Alyson Hannigan had done audio commentaries, but unfortunately as two of the biggest stars on Buffy they worked extremely long hours and would have had to fit in recording sessions around everything else.

Because How I Met Your Mother is a short comedy series, the cast don't have to work as many hours so it's probably less stressful for Alyson, and she isn't in every scene anyway, so it would be easier for her to fit in recording commentaries.

If you notice, towards the end of the Buffy and Angel DVD releases, the number of audio commentaries began to expand as people were becoming more aware of them and we did eventually get some actors doing them, but of the main Buffy castmembers, I believe Nicholas Brendan was the only one to do a commentary, and I don't think it's a coincidence that he was able to do it because of his reduced screen time in season seven. In the Angel season five boxset, several castmembers do commentaries but they probably would have recorded them after the last episode and could find time to fit them in.

Unfortunately, it's just something we have to put up with, and be grateful when actors are able to do commentaries, although personally I enjoy those Joss does the most and the writer's ones are usually very good. I bet if the whole DVD concept was at the stage it is now, when Buffy first came out, we would have seen quicker releases and more special features.
James Marsters and Seth Green did commentaries too. Out of the guest cast, D.B. Woodside, Tom Lenk, and Danny Strong.
Whedon commentaries were the best, with the writers a close second. Director and other crew commentaries were hit or miss. Actor commentaries were good to average, depending.

For non-Buffyverse DVDs the actor commentaries are often the weakest. The actors say things like 'Oh this is the day we had lasagna for lunch'. Lord of the Rings comes to mind...
According to the article ... the episodes are on the DVD in the order in which they aired ... which means they are out of shooting order. This is dissapointing. I don't want to have to skip around in order to see the proper character developement. Grrr Arghhhhh
I forgot they aired Bones out of order. That's a bit annoying that they didn't fix the mistake with the DVD release.
I wonder if maybe the gaga reel might be hidden? Some of it was shown at ComicCon.

I agree with dry commentaries, though if you ever watch the DVD ones of Wrong Turn or Bring it ON with Eliza, she will have you cracking up the WHOLE time. Her Tru Calling Commentaries are also very good.
well was it aired out of production order or story order? Cause sometimes the writers are OK with the difference. I.E. Alias' PHASE ONE was filmed after DOUBLE AGENT but aired before.
Bones release date has been moved back to November 28.
The HIMYM DVDs aren't widescreen?!

That sucks.

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