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August 18 2006

Nathan Fillion narrates Documentary about Edmonton Fringe. Apparently, "Edmonton's Fringe is also larger than other fringes, where perhaps reviewers cut shows some slack.... and the film is narrated by Nathan Fillion, of Serenity and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame (among other roles)."

From what I can gather, the Fringe is a festival for really off-the-wall performances, like one-man shows, improv, and the like.

Is that about right?

Forgive me for my ignorance here...
Many plays get their start at Fringe festivals. They have to be fairly simple as far as costume and design is concerned because many plays can share the same space in a short amount of time.
So one person shows and improv and short pieces work well in situations like these.
This sounds interesting! Does anyone know if this documentary is scheduled to air in the U.S., too?
A very nice person sent us the following:
The Edmonton Fringe Festival is 25 years old this year and is the forbearer to all Fringe events across North America, with the Edinburgh Fringe ( in Scotland being the first of its kind. The Fringe is a non-adjudicated, non-jurored festival that admits plays, performances of just about all kinds and quality. It also creates a venue where audiences use revues, but mainly rely on word of mouth from other fringe goers typically in the beer tents. Many local actors and professionals alike work side by side on experimental, award winning and sometimes horrific productions. The festival relies heavily on volunteers to run ticket sales, beer gardens and keep an every changing schedule board up-dates with times and locations.

Does anyone know if this documentary is scheduled to air in the U.S., too?

I've read it is supposed to air Sept. 6, on Bravo.

EDIT: Oops. Actually that's on the Canadian Bravo, not the US one, so, no luck there...

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