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August 18 2006

'Wonder Woman: Battle of Justice' - a fan film. This six minute short led to a forty minute sequel called 'Wonder Woman: Balance of Power'. Both are enjoyable in a knockabout panto way. So if you're waiting for Joss' vision to hit the silver screen and have some spare time today, have a look at these films.

Meanwhile, BBC Radio 1 today announced Morena has been cast as Wonder Woman. (No, really). They got the information from IMDB, which was made up by a fan. Well done BBC!
gossi, that's really sad (both kinds). As for the the fan film, the production (lighting and editing, mostly) is nice, the acting not bad for what it is, but the dialogue and slow-motion are too much.
Legit news sources should know better than to trust the IMDB as a source. That is really sad.
The Radio 1 news is of a pretty low standard anyway (especially their entertainment stuff) but that's no excuse for such lack of care with sources (the station might be aimed at a youth/young adult market but it still carries the BBC name and should, therefore, apply the same standards as other BBC news programmes). Very bad journalism.

I'd love to see the WW fan film, BTW, but it's very, very dark even with my monitor on max brightness (i.e. people behind me can see the screen through my head). Anyone else find this ?
I thought it was dark too, the second film is a lot better in terms of brightness.
can't see anything...
That sequal film's actually not bad (OK, not exactly naturalistic performances but fun nonetheless). Pretty decent production values even if (understandably) some of the effects are a bit ropey. It showed a sense of humour a couple of times that i'd have liked to see more of and the cameo by Big Blue was a nice touch.

Also, the lead actress didn't look half bad in the costume. Always a plus ;).
Liked this a lot. What's noteworthy I thought, though, was how the filmmakers made 'purchasing' the dvd possible by donating to selected charities.

Pretty cool on their parts! Worth a tip of the hat for that alone! :)

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