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August 18 2006

(SPOILER) New Joe Fridays reveals solicitation copy for Astonishing X-Men #19. Joss's final AXM story arc begins, and it's "Unstoppable!" (Scroll all the way down to the bottom.)

(Edited because the accompanying cover can be considered rather spoilerish for the remainder of the current arc. Though I'm not shocked myself.) :-)

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Huhn. At least Emma's still an X-Man. Although, she sor of had to be if Civil War takes place after this. And Scott's sporting a new look... with no visor.
That is Cyke? With no visor? Huh. Cool.

I wonder how they're gonna fit the title in without blocking any of the awesomeness. And the barcode too.
Nice to see them save the best for last. Love the cover. Very eye catching. Cassaday draws some of the coolest covers!
You beat me to it, TT.
OH MY GOD. That's a cool cover.
And I'm still a little bit behind on my AXM reading (you know importation, yadda yadda....)
I'm still secretly hoping that joss and cassaday will come back for another 24 issues. Hell, the thought of writing kitty for 24 more issues has got to be at least tempting for joss.
I hope that that isn't the variant cover, cause I want that. I'm sure variant could be even cooler and more wantable...I guess Scott finally got those ruby quartz contacts we fans have been clamoring for for all of these years.
Aren't they still doing a mega-sized twenty-fifth/annual #1?
I think the title means that the destruction of the Breakworld is "unstoppable". It all ties into my theory of who the mutant that is going to destroy the Breakworld is.
We're still on issue #15, folks. The current story-arc isn't over. I saw this issue and ran out to my local comics shop and was berated by the proprietor when I requested issue #16. I knew it was only six or eight weeks since I purchased #15, but thought it reasonable that an issue or two might have been released without my knowledge. Anyway, it was ___________ (insert family-oriented adjective here) being scolded by a guy with two (2!) parrots on his shoulder! But now I'm scared to go back after #16 is finally released. I'll have to drive some extra miles to a friendlier shop.
betwixt, sorry to spoil-speculate but I've been *convinced* all along that danger is the foe of the Breakworld prophecies. I'm probably wrong, but wouldn't that be something?
AXM has been bi-monthly for a while napua hence the seeming delay. It goes monthly again in September. Just curious, were they both on one shoulder or did he have, like, stereo parrots ?

Also, obviously a lot of people are pissed off about it (much more than they should be, IMO) but do we really need so much space devoted to the Civil War delay ? It's delayed, they should've told people earlier, it's for (again, IMO) good reasons, move along, nothing more to see here.
Betwixt, you think Juggernaut is the one? :-)

But seriously, how can the Breakworld-destroyer be anyone other than Colossus, Ord thus having made the destruction of his own world possible.

Re: the title, I just think it's all going to Joss's head, and it refers to him and Cassaday. ;-)

Aren't they still doing a mega-sized twenty-fifth/annual #1?

The only annoying thing is that if joss is going full-on with this whole "cyclops can control his power" thing, then Marvel is gonna have to immediately retcon it to make all the other current X-books which take place after Astonishing in the Marvel Universe make sense, where Scott is wearing his visor and obviously using it. You could just say 'he's just wearing it' but there are scenes, like in the current Civil War: X-Men #2, where he's fumbling with ruby quartz contact lenses and stuff. Thats really gonna seem implausible unless there is some kind of post Astonishing one-shot where they retcon the whole thing.
Napua: You and I have been drinking out of the same glass. Danger is my pick, too. Not Juggernaut. Juggernaut wouldn't have any resonance.

But it's "unstoppable" because it means that if the Breakworld had never seen the time-shadow and sent Ord, Danger wouldn't have "teamed-up" with him. So, they caused their own destruction.
What makes you think Emma's still an X-Man? For all you know, they might be chasing her. And for that matter, the space she occupies on that cover is where the logo normally goes... I can't see anywhere else it could fit...

And actually she looks kinda dead there.
According to Joe Quesada:
The theory is that Astonishing is occurring after Civil War. What’s important to remember is that the events of Astonishing happen over a few short days.

Just curious, were they both on one shoulder or did he have, like, stereo parrots ?

Both, actually. At first the were both on his left shoulder. Then one hopped onto his finger as he was gesticulating at me (thanks, polly!) and he transferred the bird onto his other shoulder, for full stereo squawking effect.

And there was a third parrot, on the counter.

This, in Santa Ana CA - not terribly far from the upcoming WorldCon in Anaheim, if anyone is curious (and/or doubts my word.)

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