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August 18 2006

Trailer for the Buffyverse fan film, "In The Heavyskies". (Flash required). The plotline revolves around rising 'Old Ones' and a male slayer. An official blog logs activity on production, & there's also an unofficial Wiki-article. In related fan film news "Cherub" has released eps 17, 18 & 19 since last mentioned here, and the "Vangelis" blog has been updated.

The guy spinning the stick made me laugh but I'm not sure if it was supposed to?

The potential story ideas sound interesting but I'm not convinced that a 'Male Slayer' is a good idea. Whilst it would be kind of a new spin on the mythology.. saying that TPTB needed to create a male slayer to overcome an especially mean threat, implies that a man is better-abled to deal with things, which kinda goes against what Whedon was trying to do with BtVS. But then maybe I'm thinking about it too seriously..

But good luck to project, and hope it goes well.


I don't know if I was supposed to laugh either, but I did... really hard.
I hear you about the "Male Slayer" notion, robocod, and I take those concerns seriously myself, but I have to say I found this effort, I dunno, somehow sorta sweet? Does that sound matronizing?
Star Wars Kid goes to the ruins of Sunnydale?
filops you genius, I knew the Heavyskies trailer seemed familiar.

(See: "Star Wars Kid Original", "Star Wars Kid 2", & "Star Wars kid Drunken Jedi")
Ya that looked really cheesy lets just keep the Slayer line to the women.
I've always found the idea of a male slayer completely ill-thought(does anyone remember the fake script for Angel that said Spike was a male slayer?)
The idea of a male slayer seems to go against the original vision for the show. But that's just what I think. And some of the people above me, too.

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escapist_dream Some of the people below you also think the notion of a male slayer is a bad idea. Because, it's wrong
Yep, ditto the male slayer dislike. We males don't always have it easy as it is, never mind some dude running around slaying us with broom handles. Way harsh.

(and yeah, there's also the whole 'totally missing the point of BtVS' aspect too ;)

Ooh, more Cherub to check out, thanks for the heads up robocod.
Anyone remember the fun over the Angel season 5 foilers that said Spike would become the first male slayer. It all happened due to a spec script that some people thought was genuine Mutant Enemy material.

Anyway as ever, I'll leave you with what Joss thinks of the idea.

There will never be a male slayer.

I understand that the text at the beginning is supposed to seem portentous and cryptic but it just sounds like someone doesn't know their English very well or doesn't care. It doesn't quite work for me. And ditto on the "Never a Male Slayer" idea.
There...are no words.

Stay tuned for IDW's announcement of DOPEY DUDE SPINNING STICK AROUND:ASYLUM later today! Five issues, much stick spinning!
Star Wars kid flashbacks...totally.
SIMON: "Anyway as ever, I'll leave you with what Joss thinks of the idea. 'There will never be a male slayer.'

Aha! Thanks, Simon, I knew I'd read that somewhere but couldn't recall where or when & it was seriously bugging my brain. And this, about the Angel shoot at the beginning of Season 5, made me heave a profoundly nostalgic sigh (for Angel, not spanking. I can totally get that whenever.)

"Q: What was today's shoot like?
Joss: Good, pretty good. There was a lot of talking about spanking. I'm not kidding, a lot of spanking. There was one scene about spanking."

Ah, the good old days of Spanky... I'm such an "Our Gang" fan.
The author has responded to posts here, by saying how he's the biggest Buffy fan, and this;

"We want to thank all of our fans over at, who have been saying nothing but great things and showing more support for this movie than we could have ever imagined. They've been ranting and raving for days over there about how excited they all are, and all of them seem to support the Male Slayer idea, so thanks guys. And if you ever get around to responding to my emails and giving me an account so that I can respond to you on your nice little forum over there, I would appreciate it."

Well done, Wheadonesquer's!
Not that I particularly want to add to the rugby scrum on this guy (that's "dogpile" to us Yanks), but, yeah, a little flashing on that video of George Michael Bluth playing Jedi in the garage in Arrested Development. Oh, well.

On this topic, anybody is certainly free to make a story about a Male Slayer. It's just not the Buffyverse. It's "MaleSlayerVerse," not that there's anything wrong with that. And saying you "need a male" for a particularly nasty job makes me think of Joss' speech at Equality Now -- he writes strong female characters because people keep asking him why he writes them!
For anyone who missed it there is a brand new teaser "In the Heavy Skys" new teaser which references this very comments page.

It seems that the old one was taken down due to its connection with Star Wars Kid.
Why has the new subject been erased? Inappropriate answers within?

I ask because Simon wrote a post in this subject, so I assumed it was "valid".
After I commented, I noticed that this entry was still on the front page. Two front page entries on more or less the same subject would have been unnecessary.
Any filmmaker that gets mentioned here is pretty lucky, if only for the traffic this can generate. I know I've been very lucky and grateful to Whedonesque (and Simon and robocod especially) for that, so, yah, maybe I'm a bit biased... still...

I'm slowly coming around that I don't think any fan filmmaker, myself of course included, should expect to not get any criticism if they put stuff out. God knows I haven't always reacted as adult or as professional as I should to feedback I didn't like on my work, but....

But... Is this trailer poking fun at itself* and its reception or just fighting back and targeting those who were negative on it** ? If it's the latter, I'd question if making a trailer just to avenge hurt feelings in the end helps one's own film at the end or not.

(* I'd like to think the similiar portion to my "Vangelis" trailer where I took an anonymous flame and put it in it is taken for what it was meant: me poking fun at my own project and its reception. At least I hope people get that. Don't know if it is.)

(** Not that I haven't been tempted to do something like this before myself towards someone... Hey, we're all human.) ;p
Even though I hate most of you people on here and have since stopped coming here because I think you are all sheep I have come here in defence of sorts of a male slayer.

First I would like to say that I think the premise to this film is stupid there is no need for the PTB to give a male the power also they would NEVER do that. Also Joss said there would never be a male slayer but then no one has ever given him a good reason to do that.

BUT that doesn't mean it couldn't happen and I know how it could but telling it here would ruin my fan film. I mean if we could have two slayers (Before Chosen) then a male slayer is possible if you thought hard and spent the time to research it. (Which I've done.)
It is possible but it would have to be done right. Am I going to do it right? Who knows but when it's done and out you can all decide for yourselves. I do know that the few people I actually talk to on here and other Buffy fans I know love my idea and the way I did it and can't wait to see the finished product.

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